Running a business is a very expensive proposition. From everyday operations costs to the creation and distribution of products, there is so much to budget for!

Advertising and marketing can quickly become a major expense. For many companies, it is the single largest expense in their budget. However, with today’s digital marketing strategies – and some help from a knowledgeable digital marketing agency – your company can reign in these costs and keep your marketing budget firmly under control.

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There are so many reasons that digital marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective way to promote your business. Here are our top nine:

A digital marketing strategy that doesn’t capitalise on the massive impact of social media in today’s marketing landscape is one with unforgivable faults. Experts agree that social media marketing in Adelaide is one of the best investments you can make.

Social media is all about enabling connections. This is great for person to person interaction, as well as for a modern business. Making a genuine connection with your consumers is made easier by utilising social media platforms to reach out and interact directly.

Putting this network of consumers to work for your business means partnering with a savvy digital marketing team with extensive experience in the realm of social selling. This type of marketing uses the organic connections people naturally form on social media sites to foster interest, trust, and brand loyalty – and create conversions form all of it!

When it comes to weighing up the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, your return on investment (ROI) is one of the best ways to do so. After all, you want to know you’re getting the best value for your marketing dollar. By keeping track of this metric, you can easily do so.

How does effective digital marketing keep returns consistently high? By balancing the cost of your advertising with the return you are getting, you can ensure every dollar you invest in your marketing strategy goes further and enables you to scale up in the future.

One of the biggest mistakes that modern businesses make is choosing to market with content that does not engage consumers adequately. Too many companies choose to rely on cookie-cutter content created by impersonal templates – all of which can be a waste of time and money.

Content creation should be a primary focus when it comes to digital marketing. Video is one of the most potent forms of digital marketing for today’s consumers since an engaging video has the benefit of the potential for “viral” status. To make that happen, though, you’ll need content that really catches your potential consumer’s eye!

Partner with a professional for effective video marketing in Adelaide. You’ll get the kind of content your customers actually want to engage with – and which really yields you a great ROI!

Brand awareness and loyalty are two of the most important and valuable results of a marketing campaign – and a solid digital marketing strategy can land them for you.

To breed trust and loyalty from your consumers, you need to first become a “household” name. While this doesn’t actually mean infiltrating the consciousness of every home in the world, it does mean staying in front of the eyes and in the minds of your potential consumers at a high frequency.

One great way to do this is through email campaigns. We all receive those promotional emails from our favourite brands offering coupons, promoting new products, and advising us of upcoming sales. Sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we take advantage – but we are reminded almost daily of the existence of these companies and that familiarity makes of trust them more.

Perhaps most importantly, these email campaigns cost little to nothing to run. Once the emails are generated, it is fast and free to send them out en masse. This means a low-cost option for marketing with a high rate of success – a boon for your business!

Creating traffic is a very broad goal for your business’s website. A more important goal is to create targeted traffic – people who are browsing your website with a specific intention.

Why is targeted traffic so important and so valuable to your business? Because these are the people who are likely to make a purchasing decision. They have come to your website looking for products like yours or in search of more information. Providing engaging content and easy-to-use interfaces that help them make purchasing decisions will turn these browsers into buyers – but first, you’ve got to get them in the virtual door!

Targeted traffic is the best possible return on your investment. A smart advertising strategy will prioritise directing this meaningful traffic to your website, rather than simply redirecting a bunch of people who are likely to browse your site aimlessly without making a purchase. The more purposeful the browsing your consumers do, the better the return on your advertisement dollar will be!

When you run a small business, growing your audience and expanding your reach is imperative to your continuing success. Few approaches to marketing in the digital age are better suited to this than pay-per-click. It’s a vital component of the overall digital marketing strategy of businesses with limited budgets.

Pay-per-click maximises your advertising budget. Why? Because while traditional search engine optimisation – SEO – and other strategies may take months or even longer to effectively yield results, you stand to find success right away with PPC marketing. While these leads are not of the same high quality as those created and nurtured by other marketing strategies, they’re an excellent and low-cost start for businesses with limited means. At the very least, PPC should be part of every business’s overall marketing plan.

Few things speak to the modern sensibility of connecting with consumers like influencers and social media marketing. Today, celebrities are born of social media posts, content creators who share their lives and the products they enjoy with their followers and create brand equity for the businesses they partner with.

A prime example of this type of marketing is the Kardashian-Jenner family. These women have created a business empire of personality, sharing content with their viewers and followers based entirely on a curated lifestyle – and when they share a promotional post, it can take a brand from zero visibility to a high level of equity in a matter of minutes. While not everyone has the means or the need to partner with a so-called “macro influencer” or celebrity promotional partner, working with smaller-scale influencers can be a great – and low-cost – part of your modern social media marketing strategy.

Customer acquisition cost – or CAC – is a vital metric for businesses to track. This metric measures how much it costs to acquire each new customer. But how could you possibly track this?

The metric is tracked by comparing the cost of advertising overall with the number of new customers. As an example, if you spend one hundred dollars on marketing and receive one hundred new customers, your customer acquisition cost would be one dollar. The breakdown isn’t usually that straightforward, but the equation is that simple.

When you’re paying less for marketing – as you are when you invest in today’s low-cost digital marketing strategies like Google ads and other strategies – you keep this cost as low as possible. That’s good news for your budget, and great news for the investors you might be considering partnering with. Investors see a low CAC as a sign of marketing and business savvy, making them much more likely to invest. It’s the metric that helps you keep winning!

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it can be tracked for progress toward goals and adjusted as needed. This is invaluable since many marketing strategies require an investment in almost blind faith. Either your expense yields a return, or it doesn’t, but you may not know until much later.

With digital marketing strategies such as SEO services in Adelaide, you can adjust your approach as you go. Since these strategies are long-term in nature, you can evaluate how you’re doing toward meeting conversion goals as you go and adjust accordingly.

A digital marketing service is one of the best investments you can make for your business. From tailoring advertisements to your consumer’s typical online behaviour to creating content they’ll love to engage with, you can have it all – and the benefits too – when you put your marketing dollar toward a digital marketing strategy.

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