Navigating the digital marketing scene can be a daunting task. With all the new marketing tactics and strategies coming up every day, it can be hard to keep up. Nowadays, most companies are opting to hire a digital marketing agency to handle their digital marketing rather than in-house marketing teams. This way, you can stay updated on all the trends and figure out the best marketing platforms to promote your brand. You want a trustworthy digital partner to manage your online presence and grow your business.

Why Work With An Agency?

The digital marketing landscape is vast; with the right marketing agency at your side, you can get more sales by offering some or all of the marketing tactics mentioned below. Some of the services offered include:

SEO – search engine optimisation services are an integral part of building brand awareness. By getting your content to rank high in the search results page, you can capture potential clients early on in the buying cycle before realising they have a problem, and you have the solution.
Social media advertisingsocial media marketing in Adelaide, through platforms such as Facebook, are superb ways to reach a wide audience when leveraged right. Facebook also has targeting features that can segment users by gender, location, income, education level, etc.

Google Ads – Google, the largest search engine, has a great service that lets you easily capture users’ attention. With Google ads, whenever users search for particular keywords linked to your business, your ad is shown in the sponsored links section. This is an excellent method to advertise as most people turn to Google to find solutions to their problems, so running an ad campaign that targets these users can be quite profitable.

Video advertising – interactive media is a great way to attract and engage users. Ever since advertisers found they could entertain and promote their brands through videos, they have taken over the advertising scene. That’s why Youtube is such a big hit; the massive audience combined with the increased engagement videos make video marketing a great place to see a high return on investment.

Other services include content marketing, email marketing, web design, mobile advertising, etc. some agencies are more specialised than others, but most offer a variation of the services

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7 Steps to follow when choosing the right digital marketing agency

Selecting a digital marketing agency is no easy feat. With all the factors you have to consider, it can be overwhelmingly confusing, especially if this is your first time. It doesn’t help that new ones are coming up every day. Here are seven easy steps you can follow to ensure you select the right digital marketing service.

Before beginning your search for the best digital advertising company, you must identify your needs first. Doing so will simplify picking the right marketing agency to suit your business. Think about what your advertising goals are? Where your biggest audience is and how best to reach them. Do you want to increase brand awareness or rebrand? Do you need website design, PPC, SEO, or analytics? Understanding exactly what your business needs will help you narrow down contenders and zero in on an advertising company that offers the services you need, rather than waste your time and money only to find the company was a bad fit for you.

Now that you know what you need from the marketing agency make sure you ask the right questions. Do you have an in-house marketing team? What can they handle in terms of skill and time? These questions will help shed light on what services you need to outsource. Also, find out how they operate. If a marketing company can create good results for themselves, this is a good sign that they can help do the same for your company. If you want to hire them to manage your blog, look at how they manage their blog. If you want social media marketing, look at how they handle their social media pages.

If it’s SEO, how do they rank? You can ask the agency or find out for yourself. It’s a major red flag if an agency doesn’t practice what they preach. It could mean they are not capable of the service they claim to offer. Before forging ahead, it’s essential that you conduct thorough background research on the digital marketing agencies you are interested in. While customer testimonials and case studies are great, doing some research will help you gauge their capabilities more than just taking everything they say at face value. Ask to see their portfolio or some campaign examples to help you get a better idea of how the agency works.

Another great way to find a marketing agency is through recommendations. You can ask your family or friends if they have someone in mind. You are sure to get a frank opinion of their services if they have worked with them. Alternatively, you could ask a professional network such as LinkedIn for recommendations. This platform has a lot of people on it who can help you narrow down your search for video marketing or SEO services in Adelaide.

Money plays a big part in most business operations. Think about how much you want to spend on your marketing strategies and find an agency that fits your budget. You can filter out a lot of low -quality agencies through price. If an agency’s prices are too low, it might be because their services are poor, and this can do more harm than good. Think about it from their perspective. If an agency charges too low, they probably make lower profit margins. This signifies that they will be less likely to put in some extra work for your business because there’s no incentive to do so. While you want or save some money, don’t be shy about spending money on quality services. Agencies that charge higher go the extra mile because they can afford to. That said, don’t get extorted in the name of quality. Shop around and find a fairly priced agency to do the work you need. Don’t cut corners while trying to save a few bucks.

In an industry as broad as digital marketing, you will inevitably run into people who claim to know what they are doing. Marketing and advertising is an industry full of agencies and freelancers that promise the world but are unable to deliver it because they lack the staff or technical know-how to. Be very wary of agencies that promise bottom-of-the-funnel results as there are too many factors involved to get definitive results. These factors are also company-specific and can result in different returns on investment. For instance, you could make all the right moves but take a longer time to see results because your market is quite competitive. Also, the experience can be misleading as many industry-specific agencies opt for cookie-cutter approaches that don’t always work. Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to get ahead in a competitive market.

Once you have shortlisted your potential agencies, get in touch with them, and request a proposal. A request for a proposal allows you to collect more info on these agencies and filter out those that don’t meet your needs or criteria in regard to skill and budget. To those who make it through, consider asking them to complete a task for you and review it. This test run will give you a glimpse into their operations, what they are capable of, and whether that can consistently produce good results as they claim.

If you are happy with the test run, hold a meeting with the prospective agencies and meet the team you will be working with. This is a great chance to iron out any issues you might have before signing any contracts. What do you really want from this working relationship? Business operations can be mundane, so marketing should be fun. As you pick your marketing partner, select an agency that aligns with your personality and availability. After a long day’s work, do you see yourself having a beer with the people you are trusting to market your business? This is known as the beer test. The point is simple, can they do the job and do you like working with them? If you answered yes, that’s all that matters.

Selecting the right digital marketing partner can make or break your bottom line. Picking the wrong one depletes your marketing budget, negatively affects your brand is a waste of precious resources. However, with the right one, you will see unparalleled growth because you have marketing professionals working to benefit your brand. You seldom have to worry about the nitty-gritty marketing details or trying to do everything by yourself.

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