Businesses need to drive a lot of organic traffic to grow and make their website visible to potential prospects. This step is crucial because over half your website visitors come via organic search. Hence, it becomes imperative to appear in search results when someone searches for your product or service. For making this happen, your website, web pages and blogs need to be indexed by the search engine.

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Firstly, let’s understand the concept of indexing. It is the process in which search engines, such as Google, organise information to allow super-fast responses to search queries. As a result, businesses adopt multiple practices and strategies to ensure that their content appears on SERPs.

However, despite all the efforts in place, your site may not be getting indexed because of overlooked mistakes. This is why many organisations partner with reputed SEO companies. For instance, partnering with an SEO company in Adelaide or any other prominent city ensures that people searching for keywords related to your business are directed to your website, improving its visibility on SERPs.

Such a partnership also highlights the reason the website pages do not get indexed. This post will outline a few reasons why web pages may not be getting indexed.

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The Website is not Mobile-Friendly:

Despite having curated relevant and good content, your website will face challenges in getting indexed if the site isn’t mobile-friendly. You need to ensure that the website is optimised for smartphones and tablets to keep the web traffic flowing. For instance, reputed digital marketing agencies in Adelaide and other prominent cities achieve this by ensuring cross-platform computability, faster load time, properly curated designs and media, etc.

You can run the website through a Mobile-Friendly Testing tool to outline the aspects that negatively impact web pages’ mobile-friendliness.

Web Pages have Limited or Badly Written Content:

A reason why most businesses require an SEO company in Adelaide or any other city is because they are able to generate large volumes of relevant content. Well-written content is the driving force behind a good Google ranking and appearing on the first page of the search results. If the content on your pages is less than your competitors’, you will fail at driving traffic. This does not mean that you focus solely on the word count. Sure, that is important, but so is the content quality. It needs to be well-written and free of plagiarism. Fresh, unique and informative content that is enlightening is more likely to be indexed on Google. To fix ranking and indexation, ensure your website has quality content.

Loading Speed is Slow:

If your website does not load quickly, Google is unlikely to feature it in the indexation. Slow loading speed could be due to too much content on the web pages or an obsolete server with limited resources. To prevent customers from bouncing and to improve your webpages indexation it is essential to fix slow loading speeds.

Incorrect Meta Tags Setting: 

If the meta tags are set to no-follow or no-index, multiple web pages could be adversely affected. Checking your meta tags is vital before publishing any content. To ensure all your effort pays off, use appropriate tags.

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The Website is not Appealing to the Audience:

Reaping the benefits of SEO is only possible if the website is engaging and user-friendly. If your website can captivate the visitors, the chances of Google ranking you at the top in search results are high. A good user experience is a key to getting your web page indexed. A visitor should not land at your page and be clueless on how to navigate the page or frustrated due to a slow loading speed. Linking posts internally and externally is essential for a natural flow within your website.

Absent Sitemap:

The sitemap is indispensable for a website, specifically if you want Google to index it. A sitemap is a list of pages that helps search engines understand the content being offered to the users. Search engines turn a blind eye to websites that don’t have a sitemap, as, without one, Google cannot decipher which pages are essential.

Bad Technical SEO:

To sweep Google and your users off their feet, your Technical SEO needs to be excellent. A strategic technical SEO audit will help you unravel the underlying causes preventing your pages from being indexed. These issues can then be addressed by a specialised company that provides global or local SEO services in Adelaide . They can can carry out an audit and rectify your webpage, as SEO issues are too complex to handle in-house.

Using JavaScript to Render your Website Content: 

Using JavaScript isn’t an issue by itself, though you can pin indexing problems on Java. Each website needs to be looked at to diagnose the issues. Do not hide your CSS or JS files, as Google looks at these for crawling purposes. If any of your files are blocked, ensure to unblock them so Google can have entire crawling access.

Having a Redirect Loop: 

Redirect loops are one of the causes that prevent web page indexing. This issue can commonly be attributed to typos and can be rectified. First, identify the page that has caused the redirect loop. If you use WordPress, look for the HTML source of the posts, identify the access file and then search for “Redirect 301”. This will locate the page that is redirecting the traffic. Make sure there are no duplicate URLs and fix any typos.

Address Issues that Cause Google to Penalise your Website: 

If you have been penalised by Google at any point, you need to rectify the errors causing this. If not, the penalties will follow you and prevent Google from indexing your pages or site. Your site needs to work in accordance with the search engine’s expectations. Don’t paste old content on a new website and expect it to get indexed. The domain will have to be built from scratch with fresh content.

Both technical SEO and webpage content play a key role in getting your site indexed. On-page and off-page optimisation will also be up to the mark so Google can crawl, index, and rank your website for the relevant industry keywords.

Your efforts may be in vain, or you may be overlooking errors that our SEO experts can spot and rectify. With years of industry experience, we stay up to date with the latest techniques and tools to bring your website to the top despite annual search algorithm changes.

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It is recommended to use an SEO company in Adelaide such as ours as we keep up with the changing algorithms and requirements of Google, making the required changes on time. A site needs to be regularly updated as Google can pay a visit at any time.

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