Improving traffic, leads, and online presence are critical components for boosting revenue. One way to achieve this is by maximising the use of your business listings.

If you aren’t doing anything with your listings, you’re missing out on the benefits of local SEO in Adelaide. It’s an incredible opportunity to reach your target market. In addition, these can also get more site traffic to your websites and lucrative prospects.

Let’s take a look at how listings help.

Become a happy customer.

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Consider the importance of listings

About 90% of consumers go online to check reviews and feedback on a product or service. Since customers are going over these reviews to make a purchasing decision, it is critical to ensure that they find your business online. Listings can make that happen. Companies also seek expert assistance from reputed agencies offering digital marketing services so that your business can go digital.

Counter negative reviews

Bad reviews drive customers away, but it is possible to counter these reviews. Fixing your listings and upgrading the information can help deal with the bad reviews. For instance, Google My Business enables companies to monitor customer reviews and reply to them efficiently.

Here you can address the grievances of a particular customer or even encourage them to write an excellent review lauding your product or services. For this reason, businesses continue to partner with digital marketing experts and SEO in Adelaide and other cities. These professionals can launch campaigns that encourage more customers to leave happy, satisfied, or glowing testimonials or feedback.

Incentivising reviews is one of the most effective ways of getting customers to leave reviews. You can reward customers with incentives that can be used when shopping on your site or using your services which in turn, can encourage them to leave more positive reviews.

Talk with customers 

Listings must be a part of your company’s SEO strategy, as it encourages them to talk about your brand and business. When customers leave comments on the page, your team can answer those comments for you.

This essentially gives present and future clients more reasons to hire your services or try out your products. However, it’s important that the answers reflect the characteristics of your brand. This is why you need to make sure you pick the right team for the task or digital marketing services.

Prevent fake reviews

Some companies could end up with fake reviews. These reviews can negatively impact traffic, lead generation, rankings, etc. If there are too many fake reviews, it doesn’t exactly create the right impression. It doesn’t aid your credibility, nor does it inspire confidence in your business. More importantly, it influences customer’s perceptions of the brand.

Furthermore, a few businesses may partner with untrustworthy digital marketing experts who may not identify fake reviews or even forge them to manipulate the strategies. If you are planning on partnering with a company offering digital marketing services, it is crucial to ensure that they can manage fake reviews effectively.

Practising transparency

Another way to improve online customer reviews is by being transparent about your reviews and testimonials. This is why you should leave negative reviews alone. They add a touch of authenticity to your review section. That tells prospective and current clients that the comments aren’t fake.

Share reviews

It is possible to draw more traffic to your pages and links is by sharing reviews. Just make sure you ask the customer if you could share their reviews, though. That’s the polite thing to do. In some cases, sharing glowing reviews or positive comments can help attract more customers to your business. Knowing that these comments came from other buyers or clients helps boost traffic.

Fully utilise reviews

Create opportunities where you could encourage customers to leave reviews or feedback. You could request reviews on social media, through email, and other options. Remind them how easy it is to leave reviews on your pages. That also means you need to fix your pages to ensure that leaving reviews is convenient and hassle-free for your clients.

Benefits of Google My Business

There are plenty of benefits to Google Business listings. Here’s a look at some of them:

  •      More reviews, more leadsOne of the best things about getting more reviews is increasing the number of your leads. By making sure those are quality and credible reviews, you can see new comments and customers popping up.
  •      More reviews, more purchasesLet people leave reviews. With more reviews, clients can look forward to more information about the products that they could have missed.
  •      Higher reviews, higher rank: When you’ve got excellent reviews, you can also end up higher on the SERPs or search engine results pages. Excellent reviews provide you with a chance to appeal to more customers.

Adapting a viable online reviews strategy can be a little challenging. Reviews should be an integral part of digital marketing strategy. If that sounds like something you aim to do, give us a shout.

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