Keywords, ad copy and landing page optimisation are all factors that can affect how your ads perform and your results — for better or worse. Find out from the experts at our AdWords agency in Adelaide, how you can drive more qualified leads to your business by effectively using AdWords.

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#1. Select the Right Keyword Match Type

To improve your lead quality, from Google Ads, you’ll need to be careful to not only choose the correct keywords, but to choose the correct keyword match type too. The difference between Broad, Phrase and Exact match keywords may seem trivial, but it can mean the difference between attracting the wrong, the right or even NO customers for your business.

For example: You run a dog boarding kennel. You are using Google Ads to find customers who are looking for a boarding kennel for their dog, while they go on holiday. You really want leads, so you set up your campaign with broad match keywords (surely more traffic is better than less. Right?) Before you know it, your budget is spent and you have had a huge amount of clicks through to your website…. But zero leads. A quick look into your Google Analytics account and you see, not only were there no leads, but all the traffic bounced. What went wrong? You find the answer in your Search Query report, where you see all your budget went to one search term “dog kennel”. Close right? But are people looking for a boarding kennel or a kennel for in their back yard? Unless you have plenty of budget, and can afford a hit and miss strategy, you will want to ensure you are

I’m sure this makes sense, but if implementing it sounds like it’s going to be time consuming and challenging for you, you might be better off speaking with a digital marketing agency in Adelaide. Getting professional help with your AdWords can save you time and end up costing you less google ads cost in the long run.

#2. Use Negative Keywords

Another essential strategy that experts utilise is negative keywords. Negative keywords help to further refine your keyword lists and get rid of more irrelevant or unwanted traffic to your website or landing page.

For example, if you are running ads for a luxury hotel in Adelaide, you target keywords such as “Hotels in Adelaide”. Perfect! But what you don’t want is people who are searching for “Cheap” or “Budget” hotels in Adelaide. That is where negative keywords come into play. Create a list of undesirable keywords for your brand and add them as negative keywords. And don’t forget to check your search query report regularly for other unwanted search terms that come up.

Whatever negative keywords, you use, you want to be sure they won’t conflict with your existing keywords, or your ads wont show. An agency that specialises in Google Ads and SEO services in Adelaide, will be able to help you set up and maintain your keyword lists to ensure they are targeting the right keywords.

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#3. Fix Your ad Copy

Even if you have a huge budget and a perfect keyword list, it is all for nothing if your ad copies are not enticing enough for customers to click on. Compelling ad copies are essential to generate leads for your business through Google Ads. The right creative and regular split testing can lead to a dramatic increase in your click through rate (CTR).

If creative copywriting is not your strength, you may want to seek help with this. With professionals creating you effective ad copies, it won’t be long before you see the click through rate (CTR) and quality score of your ads increase. This can lead to a lower cost per click, and an increase in your ad rank. Hiring an AdWords agency in Adelaide can improve performance and make things a lot easier for you.

#4. More on Ads

There are two ways you can improve your ad copy: through responsive search ads and dynamic search ads.

Responsive Search Ads make it possible for you to come up with an ad that adapts. You can select up to 15 headlines and 4 long descriptions that will be used to create your ads. Google will then test the different elements to find the best performing combination. The benefit of this option is that the messaging tends to be more relevant and tailored to the preferences of your audience.

Dynamic Search Ads, though, delivers the simplest way for qualified users to search and find what what you offer. Dynamic Search Ads are better for businesses that have a large inventory and run a well-developed website, as they use the website to generate content for ads. They are more technical to set up, but are essential for businesses that are always adding new products or content to their website. To learn more about both these options, reach out to AdWords experts from a reputable digital marketing agency in Adelaide.

#5. Move on to your Page Copy

If you want to generate leads through AdWords, it’s not just your keywords and ads that you need to consider. Content on your landing page is also another factor to consider. Your landing page is the first page that users see — the first impression they get of your business. If the copy on that page is poorly written, or irrelevant to the user’s search query, they’ll abandon the page within seconds. This is why you need to ensure you are 1) Driving traffic to the most relevant page on your website (or a dedicated landing page) and 2) your copy is compelling and engaging to make sure they stay around. Give users a reason to browse over your product pages or go over to view your services. And don’t forget to have a strong call to action (CTA) to generate leads.

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#6. Eliminate Visual Clutter

Content isn’t the only thing you should pay attention to on your landing page. If your page is too busy or full of distractions, customers will be unlikely to perform the action you would like, whether that is to fill in your contact form, or call your number.

Are there too many elements, pop-ups or ads on your pages? What do they look like? Keep in mind that too many ads can look confusing. If they seem like nothing more than visual clutter, that could be one of the reasons your traffic is not converting into leads.

If you need help to make your website more appealing to customers, look for an agency offering SEO services in Adelaide. Ask about the company’s experience and what they’ll do to whip your pages into shape. You can also get them to browse over your site and pick out things that they would fix or change. That way, you can tell if they know what they’re doing. This also gives them an idea of the scope of the project—especially if you have a large website. If you have over a thousand SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), then they’ll need to go over all those pages and ads. This is a good time as any to check if they’re up for all that work.

#7. Optimise for Action

When visitors come to your website, it should be clear what action you want them to take.

If your website is eCommerce, make it easy for your customers to reach the checkout and make a purchase. If your website is for lead generation, make sure your phone numbers are clickable and your contact forms are easy to find and fill in. Also, don’t forget to set up correct tracking in your Google Ads account to measure conversion actions, or you will never know whether your campaigns are working or if your ads are generating a positive return on investment.

#8. Topics and Placements

To get better-qualified leads, you’ll need to bring in relevant traffic from your Google Ads. If that’s not happening, review your campaigns. Remember that if your campaigns are not targeted properly, Google will be displaying your image ads on random websites, rather than those where your audience will find them.

Choosing the right audience interests, topics and placements will make your ads more targeted and increase their click through rate.

If you think targeting could be part of your ad’s problem, reach out to a digital marketing team to help you figure out where to put your Google ads and what topics are a great match for your products or services. With expert google ads tips on how to manage your topics and placements, you can pick where you want your ad to show up. That will get you the attention of your target market, which should ensure the success of your campaign efforts.

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