Facebook is by far the world’s most popular social network, making it a leading and valuable advertising channel. Millions of businesses use Facebook and its plethora of organic, native and PPC tools to tell their brand story, drive website traffic and generate sales. And for businesses who rely on phone calls, Facebook click-to-call ads are fast becoming a key revenue driver.

Click to call

You’re in between appointments, sipping a latte at the local coffee shop and scrolling through your Facebook feed. Chances are at this moment you’re open to finding somewhere to go, something to do or something to buy—but time is probably limited. You spot an ad for a new local restaurant and decide to book a table for dinner.

Enter Facebook click-to-call ads. Rather than click through to a tedious online booking form, you click the call button on the ad and voila! Your booking is made with one swift call.

In an information-hungry world where almost everything is at your fingertips, it’s sometimes easy to forget the power and convenience of an old-school phone call—especially when time is limited or a call is much simpler than navigating a website, particularly on a mobile device.

What are Facebook Click-to-Call Ads?

There are a number of objectives that you can optimise your Facebook ads for but sometimes all you really want and need is for the phone to ring.

Click-to-call ads are Facebook’s local advertising solution that drive your brand awareness and boost your calls by getting your business and promotions in front of audiences.

Particularly useful for businesses with local customers (think restaurants, attractions, and services), click-to-call ads are served in Facebook newsfeeds (on mobile devices) when people are near your business location.

Unlike general Facebook ads, click-to-call ads have a specific call to action by displaying a ‘Call Now’ button rather than a link to a website. When a user clicks on it, their phone app automatically opens with your business number pre-populated. A simple click will have them on the phone with you in moments.

Facebook click-to-call ads are useful in promoting general business information, special offers and promotions. They can be targeted to specific audiences and locations when users are within certain distances of your business.

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Using FB click-to-call Ads for best results

Native social ads drive billions of calls each year and create billions of dollars in revenue. With so many calls being driven by social media and the conversions they achieve, you’d be foolish not to optimise you social media ads for these valuable Facebook call conversions. Here are our hot Facebook ads Optimisation tips for maximising the results of your click-to-call campaigns.

  • Target the right prospects Take advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting features to serve ads to your ideal customers, including location targeting which will get your ad in front of people who are near your business.
  • Schedule ads for prime times Reach people when they’re ready for you. A restaurant would be best placed displaying their ad in the few hours before dinner. By narrowing the periods you display your ad, you can target your audience when they are thinking about your product or service and be more likely to win that sale.
  • Test your ads Does image or video work best for your audience? Which image gets the best result? A/B testing will tell you which versions of your ads are the top performers in terms of impressions, clicks and calls.
  • Track your calls Facebook will provide you with basic metrics to determine the success of your click-to-call campaigns but you might consider a tracking platform to determine exactly how many calls and how much revenue the ads are generating.

How to set them up

As with any other Facebook ad, lead ads are created using Ads Manager. Once you’ve signed in, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select Reach as your objective and name your campaign.
  2. Choose the page you’re creating the ad for.
  3. Define your target audience.
  4. Under Placements, select Edit Placements.
  5. Under Device Types, select Mobile Only. As you are creating a click-to-call ad there is no value in serving the ad to people using desktop computers.
  6. Set your budget and schedule for the ad, and click Continue.
  7. Add your headline, body copy and imagery. A window on the right offers a preview of your ad as you create it.
  8. When the ad is complete, select Call Now from the Call to Action drop down menu and enter the business phone number in the box below the drop down.
  9. Review your ad and when you’re ready to publish, click Confirm.
  10. Once your ad is up and running, you can use Facebook metrics to measure its effectiveness.

Click-to-call and Convert

Businesses have much to gain by encouraging a quick phone call rather than a website visit, and Facebook click-to-call ads could be the perfect solution to convert your prospects.

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