When a customer visits your website, their landing page experience is no less important than if they were visiting you in a physical store.

Is it neat? Can they find what they are looking for? Do they get pounced on the second they step in the door?

Even if they come looking for a product or service that you have, they will quickly leave if their first impression is not a positive one.

A positive landing page experience

Any good digital marketing agency in Adelaide will attest to the fact a positive landing page experience not only provides good service to your customers, but it can also:

  • Improve your Quality Score
  • Improve your Ad Rank
  • Lower your advertising costs

Over 90% of Australians turn to Google for their search, because Google’s key focuses are to provide not only the most relevant results for its user’s search enquiries, but also a positive user experience.

Google uses a combination of human evaluation and automated systems to evaluate your landing page experience. If your landing page gives your visitors a poor experience, Google will show your ads less often, or not at all. On the other hand, if your landing page gives an above average experience, it can result in more, higher ranking impressions.

Become a happy customer.

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I’m often asked by clients what they can do to improve their landing page experience. Here are my top tips:

1. Content

  • Make sure your content is relevant and useful to your visitors
  • Always try to use original content (unless you are going to cite your source)
  • Make sure your landing page is relevant to your Ad text and keywords
  • Make sure the information you provide is useful and relevant to what you are advertising
  • Try to offer something that is unique to your site, whether it is a product or information

2. Show You Are Trustworthy

  • Make sure your contact information is easy to find
  • Be clear about how you will use any personal information you collect from your customers
  • Make sure to clearly distinguish any ads or sponsored links on your site
  • Be open about your business so customers know who you are and what you do

3. Make It Easy

  • Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for
  • Streamline your checkout so processing transactions is quick and easy
  • Make sure you take your customer directly to the product you are advertising, not your home page
  • Make sure your customers can easily find product information
  • Don’t distract customers with annoying pop-ups while they are trying to navigate your site.

4. Make It Quick

  • Make sure your landing page is quick to load
  • Prioritise important content so it appears above-the-fold
  • Optimise for mobile users

Google regularly scans websites for changes, so by improving your content quality and landing page experience you should quickly see improvement in your Ad performance. If you have Google Ads account that is under performing, contact us for free consultation.

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