Receiving $10,000 USD per month in FREE advertising for your not for profit sounds great right? So why, on average, do not for profits spend only $330 of their $10,000 per month Ad Grant?

What stops not for profits from using all their Google Ad Grant?

I believe there are many factors that affect a not for profits ability to spend their grant:

  • Ad Grants have a maximum cost per click (CPC) of $2.00 USD, which can make it difficult to compete with paid accounts on popular keywords.
  • Ad Grant Ads will always show below (traditionally) paid ads.
  • Competition on keywords (especially around fundraising) is very high.
  • Ads can only link to one not-for-profit website domain.
  • Ads can only be shown on the Google Search network, not partner sites.
  • Researching keywords and optimising an Ad Grant account is time consuming and not something that can be neglected (In fact, Google is constantly checking Ad Grant accounts and you risk losing your Ad Grant if you neglect your account).
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Our top tips for managing a Google Ad Grant account

As a certified Google Ads agency and experts in digital marketing in Adelaide, we have put together our top tips to help you get the most out of your Google Ad Grant.

1. Keywords

  • Create an extensive keyword list; Think about who your charity is, what service you provide, how people benefit.
  • Think about how people find you, adjust your terminology, use your keyword search term list.
  • Use the keyword multiplier; try adding your location, state or country to keywords to extend reach.
  • Don’t just rely on the Google Keywords planner. Try tools like Google Trends, Keyword Tool & Google Auto-complete.
  • Use different match types.
  • Use long-tail keywords for lower CPC.
  • Add negative keywords to keep your clicks relevant.

2. Organise Your Account

  • Structure your account around your website.
  • Give separate actions separate ad groups (eg. group “donate” keywords and “support” keywords in different ad groups) and give them targeted ads.
  • Group awareness/brand keywords in separate campaigns to your action/donation keywords.

3. Call To Action

  • Optimise your Ad Text with a call to action that is relevant to who you are targeting eg. Donate Now, Enrol Now, Save Lives.
  • Use Ad extensions to your advantage; highlight your cause, promote upcoming events, send people to your donation page.
  • Use call extensions. With mobile searching at an all time high, make it easy for people to contact you in one click.

4. Set Goals

  • Just because your advertising is free doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the same expectations as a paid account.
  • Set up conversion tracking to measure your goals. Whether it is donations, newsletter sign ups or volunteer recruitment.
  • Link your Google Analytics account to set up and track your goals and use this information to optimise your account.

Lastly, consider hiring an experienced and dedicated manager for you account. Even if you only have a small budget, there are plenty of Google Ads management companies (like Online Path) that offer Ad Grant Management at a reduced fee.

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