Managing Google ads can take up a lot of time for busy search marketers. Sifting through ads adjusting prices, products and special offers can waste valuable time and is sometimes just impossible.

To further streamline the task of managing ads Google offers ad customisers, meaning your ads can be dynamically updated without you having to move a muscle.

What are ads Customisers?

Essentially, ad customisers adapt your text ads to reflect what someone is searching for, what device they’re using, where they’re located, or even the date, time of day, or day of the week. Customisers can be used to insert a current price, the time left before a sale ends, how many items are left in stock or any other text that you define. For example, a line of text in your ad that says, “Price starts at $XX” can be filled with the current sale price.

You can also use customisers to show different content on desktop versus mobile, or to a new customer as opposed to one that has already engaged with you online.

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When ad customisers are implemented well people will feel confident that you have what they’re looking for, as well as give the incentive to buy from you.


Google Ads customisers offer busy marketers a range of benefits that save time and deliver only relevant results to searchers, making your brand more appealing.

  • Tailored messaging Ads are tailored to each search or webpage being viewed.
  • Scalability Customisers allow for a single text ad to have hundreds of variations and show the most relevant variation to each potential customer.
  • Reporting The automatic updates that happen when an ad is triggered don't reset the ad's performance data.
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When to use Google ads Customisers

It’s easy to see that ad customisers are a powerful tool when left in skilled hands. They can save time and energy by eliminating the need for duplicate ads, ad groups and campaigns. By increasing the relevance of your ad to searchers or the urgency of your messaging, they can improve the performance of your account. They can also negatively impact your account if not implemented well. Here are a few ways you may be able to leverage the power of Google Ad customisers.

Keyword insertion

Make your ads relevant for individual searchers by inserting a keyword into your ad copy that matches with their search query. For example, if your ad group includes the keywords coffee, best coffee, coffee roaster, and coffee shop, your ad copy will show the best coffee to people who search for “best coffee” and coffee shop to people who search for “coffee shop”, and so on.

Customising keywords will ensure your ad will be served in its most relevant format to match the search query of a potential customer.

Sales countdowns

Intrigue searchers and engage their FOMO (fear of missing out) by creating a sense of urgency to complete a sale. Sale countdowns is a valuable tool in remarketing as the fear of missing out on a good deal increases the likelihood of a lead taking action. Use the countdown customiser to automate your sale countdown functionality and improve your conversion rate and quantity.

Item availability countdown

In a similar vein to sales countdowns, you can automate the number of units that a particular item has left in stock to encourage leads to take the plunge and make the purchase.

Multiple ad customiser

One of the best things about customisers is that you’re not limited to one customiser per ad. For example, you might sell multiple brands of televisions with varying prices and offerings. Rather than creating a unique ad for each brand, model, and price, you can use multiple ad customisers to create an accurate ad for each unique search.

IF Functions

IF functions are useful for remarketing campaigns, call-to-actions and device-specific offers. For example, you might be an online retail store selling women’s dresses. You could use the IF function in your remarketing campaign to serve a special discount to cart abandoners while showing standard ad copy to everyone else. For example, a cart abandoner might see “20% off all dresses!” while everyone else sees “10% off all dresses!”. Alternatively, a professional learning organisation might use a device IF function to drive calls from mobile users while directing desktop users to complete an online registration form.

Target location

Target location customiser is especially useful for businesses that have multiple store locations. Using this feature, your ad is automatically updated based on the location of a searcher or the location that a searcher is interested in.

How they work

Ad customisers can be used anywhere in your ad except in the final URL field and are only available on the Google Search Network.

Customisers are parameters that sit within brackets {like this} and get replaced with dynamic text when your ad is triggered by a search.

Getting started

While ad customisers can reduce the number of unique ads you have to set up and manage, thereby saving you a huge amount of time, they can be a little intimidating to implement. If you need a helping hand to explore the benefits of Google Ad customisers and set up ads for your business, contact us for an obligation free chat.

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