Marketing yourself through the medium of storytelling is one of the best ways to advertise your business. By creating thought provoking material, you can elicit emotions within your customer base that can influence consumer behaviour and communicate your brand characteristics. This is why video marketing is such an important marketing tool for businesses and something that you should consider utilising.

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Video marketing services

A video in a post can increase traffic by 157% through search results. In Australia alone, 79.9% of the population was active on social media last year. Take a Tumble reports that Australians spent about an average of 1 hour and 46 minutes on these platforms. Even before the 2019 pandemic, Australians spent 25 hours and 40 minutes every month watching videos online.

That all means one thing: video content isn’t going away anytime soon. You can hire digital marketing services in Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, and other major cities to learn how to use video content to your advantage. The sooner you integrate this into your marketing efforts, the sooner your strategy can start bringing you results.

Why is Video Content Popular?

It’s easy to see how video consumption grew in the last few years. The answer is smartphones. Mobile phones with advanced camera specs made it easy—both for non-experts and pros—to take photos. Before long, people weren’t just taking selfies but videos, too. Social media platforms gave users a place to publish this content.

Pretty soon, people were spending an excessive amount of time on video-sharing platforms. With so many users, companies cannot afford to ignore this market. It is also possible to supplement this content with SEO strategies, enhancing the need for a reputed SEO company in Adelaide and other leading markets.

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Video marketing for businesses

Digital Marketing Services in Adelaide

2020 to 2021 saw 60% of businesses using video marketing strategies. Let’s dive into the sales funnel for a bit there. 97.5% of Aussies go on social media to check new, trending, or popular content, products and services, etc. They browse through reviews and feedback before trying a service or buying anything.

In addition, about 59% of adult Aussies watch digital video content on their smartphones. Combine the two, and what do you get? You can draw more prospects to your post if you use videos. That’s one of the reasons why businesses partner with agencies offering video marketing services.

Video Consumption in the Pandemic

Video popularity was already on the rise before COVID-19 swept through the world. The pandemic merely accelerated this pace. With countries under lockdown and communities following quarantine protocols, people had no choice but to stay at home. Many of them turned to social media and videos to cope with boredom, stress and more.

By the time 2022 rolled in, big players in social media saw tremendous growth in their traffic. Many were relative newcomers to the channels. With consumers’ appetite for video, increased traction in many of these platforms was triple their numbers in 2018. This meant that there were millions of active users on platforms like TikTok, as well as watching Instagram Reels.

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Video marketing strategies

What video can do for business

There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of video content. But the best four reasons are:

  • Videos are easier to digest.
  • Videos are easy to engage with.
  • Videos give corporate brands a face and personality.
  • Video personalisation is on the rise.


Hire digital marketing services in Adelaide, so you can start integrating video into your marketing strategy. This partnership will help you incorporate a collaborative approach to video marketing. Such collaboration is only possible with reputed companies that complement your vision and mission.

Tips for using Video Content

There are plenty of ways to use videos. Explore your options, so you’ll know what to expect. For instance, one of the most popular ways video marketing gets used is through product videos. Here are a few others:

Guides and how-to content

Sites get more traffic by sharing helpful, informative, and relevant content to their target market.

Video chats

Try using video chats as a part of your customer service. It improves customer experience. Seeing each other also allows your team to take cues from a customer’s body language, which helps them use the right approach.


Tap into some free advertising on YouTube. You won’t even need to create the content yourself. You can invite your customers to events, send products, or allow them to try your services. You can do this by offering free goodies or partnering with influencers. With this approach, you can look forward to their reviews, feedback, or glowing comments. That content can help make prospects aware of your offerings and draw leads.


You can also re-use or upload your marketing videos to your site to build your content. That means your videos don’t become obsolete after one use. You can use them multiple times, depending on the content quality. If a video performed exceptionally on a particular platform, you could share it on a different one.

Hire pros

Partner with digital marketing agencies’ skilled professionals to maximise video marketing services. With more and more companies using video content to stand out, you’ll want to make sure your videos do better.

Test, adjust and do it again

Keep creating videos for your distribution channels. Correct your mistakes, take note of comments from customers, and use that information to make your content the best.

Get support from Online Path’s talented team of SEO experts and video marketers who know how to create and use video to boost your digital marketing efforts.

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