There are many ways to advertise your podcast, service, product, or business these days. Spotify ads is one of these and it is quickly growing in popularity. This simple, intuitive advertising method is a great way to secure listeners and grab consumer attention – all on a budget that even small-time creators can easily afford!

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What is Spotify Advertising?

Spotify is a music streaming platform with over 380 million monthly listeners. According to Spotify themselves, around 60% of polled listeners say that they put more stock in ads played on the platform than on the radio. Likewise, this same number of polled listeners say they have discovered new brands, products, and media through these advertisements.

Getting started – setting up your Spotify account

As a Google ads agency we are seeing more and more brands diversifying their digital campaigns with Spotify ads. Getting started with Spotify advertising is simple. First, you need to set up your Spotify Ad Studio account. Joining and learning more about creating and launching ads is free for anyone. You won’t pay anything until you create and launch your first ads.

How to create a Spotify advertisement

Spotify limits advertisements to a maximum of thirty seconds in length. Having that tight constraint means that you need to get your point across quickly, effectively, and in a way that captures and keeps the listener’s attention. Remember, most people are simply anxiously waiting for ad breaks to be over. To be successful, your ad needs to relevant and attention grabbing.

The formula for a perfect ad

Creating the perfect advertisement can be a significant source of stress. Thankfully, Spotify offers a basic guide – which they refer to as a formula – for success when it comes to ad creation.

Some tips straight from Spotify itself include:

  • Begin with a thought-provoking statement.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Talk about your show, company, or product.
  • Let your users know when to listen, tune in, or where to buy.
  • Call your listeners to action and prompt them to do precisely that.

Tips for recording and editing

Before you record your advertisement, you will need to time yourself reading through your script a few times. This will help you determine whether your ad fits into the 30-second time frame, as well as what you should trim down if it doesn’t. If everything you included in your script is important information, you might need to think about shorter ways to say the same things.

It shouldn’t be difficult to record your commercial if you have the equipment to record your podcast or other media already in place. Just be sure that you use the same quality of equipment and software when recording your primary media – or better – to ensure a top-quality finished product. First impressions matter when it comes to thirty-second commercials, so give it your absolute best!

You may be able to edit your advertisements without assistance, especially if you are in the habit of editing your media already. However, Spotify offers numerous editing tools in their suite for creators. They even offer premium recording and editing services, allowing you to input your script and have it recorded by professional voice actors and edited to fit the thirty-second time frame flawlessly. This way, even if you are brand new to the industry, you’ll have the basic tools at hand you need for success!

Going public – launching your ad

When you have your ad recorded, edited, and ready to share, you will need to take care of a few more things before launching.

First, you will need to set up ad campaigns. This involves setting up your ads to run alongside music or episodes, be offered to specific target groups, and more.

You will also have to set a budget for your ad campaign, which will start at a minimum of $250 and can increase to as much as you have allocated to spend. For most smaller creators, experts recommend sticking close to the minimum $250 spend until you see how well this advertising approach will work for you.

When it comes to targeting, this is similar to Google ads in structure, so you may already be familiar with targeting specific groups. Who and how you target, though, is up to you!

The importance of proper targeting

Speaking of targeting — whose attention are you trying to get? That is what targeting means.  And it is an important part of getting your ads into the ears of the right potential consumers.

Who you are targeting largely depends on what you are promoting! Some parameters that might work for your targeting efforts include:

  • Fan base – do you have an established fan base, or would you like to target the fan base of another podcast?
  • Interests or genre – are you advertising to lovers of true crime? What about romance fans? Or Korean drama listeners? These are all interests that can help you narrow down your target audience.
  • Age, gender, location, etc. – these are more general target demographics, but they work well for some creators. If you target women, men, teens, people in Northern Europe, or another group, this can help you do exactly that.

Measuring your impact on Spotify

With all of this thought and work involved, how can you determine whether your effort and investment will yield positive results? When it comes to marketing of any kind, the most important scale for this kind of measurement can be found in the metrics.

When you advertise with Spotify, you get easy access to a list of important and influential metrics. These can help you determine whether you are making progress through your advertisements – or if you might want to rethink your efforts and fine-tune your approach.

The metrics Spotify will grant you access to include:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • Completion Rate
  • Percentage of ads played to a certain percentage of completion
  • Age demographic being reached
  • Gender demographic being reached
  • Location of users being reached
  • Type of device being used to access your content

Together, this extensive list of metrics can help you determine whether your time, effort, and investments are working for your business.

Getting started with Spotify ads is not difficult, but it won’t work for your company unless you follow the right processes to create and target your ads. Still have questions? Talk to a digital agency today and get to work making Spotify your new favourite advertising tool!

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