968% increase in overall website traffic
380% increase in organic traffic
8.5 Million impressions
$0.41 cpc

The client
Since 1985, Ellex Medical Lasers has made it their mission to revolutionise eye surgery and transform the lives and sight of people suffering from treatable eye conditions around the globe.
All too aware of the inconvenience suffered by those affected by eye floaters, Ellex wanted to reach more floater sufferers, through their patient focused website floater-lft.com, which had been purpose built to educate patients on the treatment options available and remove the outdated mindset that floaters are a minor infliction and should be left untreated.
But what good is a brilliant website, if those who could benefit from it cannot find it?

A strategic approach
Targeting a global market, a digital strategy combing the long-term benefits of SEO with the fast results of Paid Advertising was devised to put Floater-LFT in front of thousands of people seeking treatment for eye floaters.
With a focus on keyword research to ensure Floater-LFT was being found by the right people, SEO, Google Search and Google Display campaigns were rolled out to drive website traffic and increase patient and physician enquiries.

Data driven results
To achieve Ellex’s goal of educating patients about eye floater treatment options, it was imperative that the Floater-LFT website received a substantial amount of web traffic. Through our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of search engine optimisation, we were able to increase the organic visits to the website by 380%, with our PPC campaign receiving over 8.5 million impressions and driving more than 65,000 users to the website at an average cost of only $0.41. At the end of five months, Ellex had seen a 968% increase in overall traffic.

“Thank you for the stellar work you have undertaken for the Ellex websites… you have quickly brought Ellex up-to-speed with respect to best practice SEM/SEO – and the results have been incredibly impressive.”

Ellex | Kate Hunt