• 23,000 video views
  • $0.02 cost per 10 second view
  • 10,900 minutes viewed
  • 71% less cost-per-view

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The client

Located in the heart of the Adelaide, Myer Centre is the largest shopping centre in the city’s central business district. With five floors of specialty retailers and an underground food court, Myer Centre is genuinely an Adelaide icon. Having such a powerful authority over the retail space in Adelaide, Myer Centre aspired for a matched online presence.

A strategic approach

Drawing on years of online marketing experience and profound knowledge of digital marketing channels, we were able to develop a social media marketing strategy and plan and execute a YouTube video marketing campaign to promote Myer Centre Adelaide’s beauty weekend.

Wanting to attract a specific demographic of visitors who would be ideal candidates to take advantage of the Beauty Weekend offers and activities, we focused on audience and geo-targeting to pinpoint users who would not only engage online, but would visit the shopping centre, thereby generating increased foot traffic instore.

Data driven results

A targeted approach to the campaign resulted in the Myer Centre’s Beauty Weekend video seen more than 23,000 times prior to the event, with a cost per 10 second view of only two cents—equating to 71% below average.

With the video reaching more than 17,000 people, we were able to successfully promote the one-day sale event and drive targeted foot traffic on the day.

Online Path make the digital world seem easy. They drop the technical jargon and explain things so that we not only understand what they are doing, but also why. I love working with Online Path and would recommend them to anyone.

Jessica Jenner | Marketing Manager

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