• 507% increase in impressions
  • 178% increase in clicks
  • 6.8% decrease in cost

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The client

myFLO specialise in developing complete and flexible workflow management software for field service industries such as councils, plumbing, construction, facility management, and government. With its help, numerous businesses across Australia have benefitted through increased productivity and streamlined workflow management.

Having established the need for their software across field service industries, myFLO were seeking an expert to manage their online activity to increase the number of website visitors and online leads.

A strategic approach

A software solution for field service industries, myFLO has been heralded as a blessing. Despite its unrivalled value and ability to transform workflows, marketing the software to the right people was proving a challenge but critically important to its ongoing success.

Our team of expert digital strategists invested time to understand the software and the ideal target market in depth. We then devised a digital marketing strategy that incorporated Google search advertising and display advertising that focused on increasing the number of visitors to the myFLO website, as well as the quality of the leads generated through these channels.

Data driven results

Drawing on our experience creating successful targeted search and display marketing campaigns and deep knowledge of each of the advertising networks, myFLO experienced a 500% increase in impressions and 178% more clicks, directly translating into more visitors to the website to learn about the software solution.

Having showcased the software to the right audience, immense opportunities for lead creation were generated at a lower cost per acquisition. And to boot, this was achieved with a 6.8% decrease in advertising spend.

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