• 22% increase in clicks
  • 21% decrease in cost-per-click
  • 0% increase in budget

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The client

With more than 40 years of experience, Transforma has been magically transforming interior spaces into works of art through their exclusive luxury furniture. With special expertise in interior design, Transforma takes pride in turning design dreams into reality.

Unhappy with the performance of their pay-per-click efforts, Transforma tasked Online Path with increasing their online reach and driving more relevant traffic to their website, with the expectation of it leading to an increase sales.

A strategic approach

With a clear and precise brief of driving more traffic to Transforma’s website, we started with a PPC account audit which gave deep insights into past performance and allowed for an overhaul of the account.

Our team of PPC experts then devised a Google search Ad and display advertising campaign that would translate into more qualified leads without increasing their advertising spend.

Data driven results

Having years of experience with online marketing and understanding its intricacies, we were able to create a bespoke campaign for Transforma—and the results were staggering.

In just two months we were able to report positive changes in Transforma’s pay-per-click campaigns. With a 22% increase in paid traffic and over 14,000 sessions, we were able to drive more than 10,000 new users to the Transforma website. The increase in website traffic generated new leads for Transforma which in turn created more possibilities for sales. All of these results were achieved without an extra dollar being spent from the client’s marketing budget.

The Online Path team have been great to work with. They optimised my campaigns to reduce the amount I had to pay per click. This led to a 20.6% increase in traffic to my website, without having to increase my budget.

Tim Wood | Managing Director

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