Get more bang for your buck with Google Ads optimisation!

Do you have a Google Ads account that is performing well? And by performing well I mean;

  1. It is driving relevant and engaged traffic to your website
  2. The daily budget is being reached consistently
  3. It is maintaining a good average position
Online Path has worked with Transforma to help them get more from their online advertising.

So where to from here?

Add more budget? Well, more budget will lead to more traffic, but what if you don’t have more money to throw at your online advertising? With a little Google Ads optimisation, you can increase your accounts performance, without spending more money!

Here’s how Online Path increased qualified traffic to our clients website by 22.61% on the same budget!

The objective

Transforma is an iconic furniture retailer in Adelaide, stocking exclusive European designer brands as well as their own hand-crafted furniture. When Online Path took over management of their Google Ads account we were faced with the challenge of finding opportunities to:

Transforma desktop display advertising.
  • Reduce cost per click
  • Increase relevant and engaged traffic to the website
  • Maintain performance metrics. Eg. Click Through Rate, Average position

Google Ads optimisation

Online Path focused on 3 key strategies to improve performance and maximise the account:

  1. Re-distribute the daily budget between campaigns to ensure all of the daily budget was being utilised effectively.
  2. Optimise ad copy to engage users, increase click through rate, increase quality score and reduce cost per click.
  3. Strategically lower maximum cpc incrementally without sacrificing average position.

The results

Online Path's Strategy and Management resulted in a 20.72% saving in the average cost per click. This led to a 22.61% increase in clicks to Transforma’s website without increasing campaign budget.

Transforma mobile display advertising.
The Online Path team has been great to work with. They optimised my Google Ads account to reduce the amount I had to pay per click. This led to an increase in traffic to my website, without having to increase my budget.Tim Wood, Managing Director

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