• 220,000 Google impressions
  • 578% increase in click through rate
  • 61.5% decrease in cost-per-acquisition
  • 281 conversions

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The client

Circuit Auto Storage operates under the umbrella of a South Australian family-owned multi-business enterprise. Situated on a large and secure site, Circuit Auto Storage offers ideal outdoor and indoor storage areas for prized cars, caravans and boats.

A relatively new business, the website had been live for several months but had not generated a single booking. Online Path was engaged and tasked with the objectives of driving website traffic and generating storage bookings.

A strategic approach

We strategised a Google search advertising and display advertising campaign to reach a targeted audience with the goal of driving them to the Circuit Auto Storage website.

After creating a Google Ads account, we implemented conversion tracking to collect data that assists with optimising future pay-per-click ad campaigns—an important step to achieve the results that Circuit Auto Storage wanted and to maximise the return on their investment.

Over the course of six months, we used a negative farming strategy to split test and identify the best performing and most cost effective keywords and match types. We also created and split tested unique ad copies for each ad group to identify the best performers.

Data driven results

We used the results from the first month of the campaign to optimise ads and in the following month successfully increased conversions and click through rate, and decreased cost-per-acquisition. After six months, the ad campaigns had achieved a total of 220,000 Google impressions on the search and display networks, an overall 578% increase in click through rate, with 281 conversions at a decrease of 61.5% in cost-per-acquisition.

We put our PPC advertising in the hands of Online Path—the results were instant. From the moment our ads went live, enquiries began to flow via phone and email. A few months down the track and our indoor storage warehouses are full. I highly recommend the professionals at Online Path.

Shane Ion | General Manager

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