• 332% more applications than last year
  • 98% Increase in conversion rate
  • 63% decrease in cost per conversion
  • 136% Increase in Click Through Rate

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The client

Known across South Australia for their Silo Art projects, Viterra is one of the largest buyers of Australian commodities including grains, oilseeds, pulses and cotton.

Each year, Viterra employs a workforce of seasonal workers to manage the workload of harvest season. With no skills or experience needed, harvest jobs appeal to backpackers, grey nomads, students and unemployed individuals seeking seasonal work in regional Australia.

A strategic approach

From their past experience, Viterra knows they need 4000 harvest Job registrations to fill the 1500 positions available over harvest season.

After analysing the previous year’s results we saw opportunity to improve the campaign by having clearer audience segments and tailoring keywords and ad copy messaging to each audience, with the aim to improve relevance and CTR.

We identified our audience’s passion for adventure, travel, and the allure of temporary work in beautiful, remote locations and crafted our messaging to emphasise the unique experiences, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to explore Australia’s countryside that working with Viterra offers.

Data driven results

To execute our strategy, we worked on a multi-platform campaign, utilising Google Search, TikTok and Facebook Ads to reach each audience, with targeted messaging, on the platform they were most engaged with. Launching with “registrations of interest” messaging, we immediately saw uplift in results from the previous years’ results, which continued throughout the campaign resulting in over 14,000 registrations – a 332% increase on the previous year – with a 63% reduction in cost per registration.

Online Path were great to work with and helped us to reach fantastic results with our advertising campaign.

Inca Lyon | Communications Officer, Viterra

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