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Search Advertising is an important aspect of any Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. With a well considered strategy and professional execution of your campaigns, Search Advertising will help your business stand out in the search results. Search Advertising focuses on bidding on the right keywords to put your business in front of customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products or services – Now that’s powerful!

With a targeted approach, Search Advertising will drive qualified traffic, create leads and ultimately result in increased sales and revenue.

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Take away the guesswork

A thoroughly researched strategy not only takes away the guesswork, but can save time and money. From strategy through to execution and optimisation, our team of qualified and experienced professionals run data-driven campaigns to deliver maximum return on investment. We immerse ourselves in your business, so we understand who you are, who your customers are what your competitors are doing, so we can help you become a market leader. We use leading industry tools to monitor and track campaign performance and optimise your campaigns daily to ensure maximum results from your budget, ads and keywords.

For maximum results we focus on:

  • Detailed keyword research including; location specific keywords, generic keywords, brand/competitor keywords, lower funnel and top funnel keywords
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Keyword optimisation and search query monitoring
  • Ad copy optimisation and split testing
  • Campaign optimisation including; bidding, demographics, devices and locations
  • Landing page and click through rate optimisation
  • User friendly campaign reporting

Why choose Online Path?

When you work with Online Path, we spend time with you to understand your goals, and what’s important to you right now, then translate that into a strategy that fits where you are now and works towards where you want to be. Contact us for a customised Search Advertising campaign that will boost your brand awareness, and increase leads and revenue.

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