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Search Advertising is an important aspect of any Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. With a well considered strategy and professional execution of your campaigns, Search Advertising will help your business stand out in the search results. Search Advertising focuses on bidding on the right keywords to put your business in front of customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products or services – Now that’s powerful!

With a targeted approach, Search Advertising will drive qualified traffic, create leads and ultimately result in increased sales and revenue.

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What makes us the most result driven Google Ads (Adwords) Agency In Adelaide?

A thoroughly researched strategy not only takes away the guesswork, but can save time and money. From strategy through to execution and optimisation, our team of qualified and experienced professionals run data-driven campaigns to deliver maximum return on investment. We immerse ourselves in your business, so we understand who you are, who your customers are what your competitors are doing, so we can help you become a market leader. We use leading industry tools to monitor and track campaign performance and optimise your campaigns daily to ensure maximum results from your budget, ads and keywords.

For maximum results we focus on:

  • Detailed keyword research including; location specific keywords, generic keywords, brand/competitor keywords, lower funnel and top funnel keywords
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Keyword optimisation and search query monitoring
  • Ad copy optimisation and split testing
  • Campaign optimisation including; bidding, demographics, devices and locations
  • Landing page and click through rate optimisation
  • User friendly campaign reporting

Why choose Online Path?

When you work with Online Path, we spend time with you to understand your goals, and what’s important to you right now, then translate that into a strategy that fits where you are now and works towards where you want to be. Contact us for a customised Search Advertising campaign that will boost your brand awareness, and increase leads and revenue.

We are a PPC management and google advertising agency based in Adelaide. We offer various online advertising services, such as Google Ads and pay-per-click. We oversee and manage your company’s PPC ad spend and manage your Google Ads account by targeting keywords that direct traffic to your site. Our highly focused keyword research will help in determining the most effective way to attract customer leads. We can develop effective PPC search campaigns that are focused on meeting your intended cost per lead with the various tools we have.

With us, as your Adwords and PPC management agency, we can help you find highly eager buyers easily find your site. We intend to give you a great return on investment by turning every dollar you invest into more profit by creating a sustainable and effective campaign. As a PPC agency in Adelaidewe offer great keyword research and analysis targeting specific keywords and search questions entered by potential buyers. We also use different channels for PPC marketing such as Google Ads – paid, search, Youtube, etc., paid social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, etc. We have a lot of expertise as a PPC management and Adwords agency and a lot of industry contacts as well as established connections on existing platforms and can enable your brand to compete at near parity with leather cooperations.

Our Google Ads & PPC Management Services

At Online Path, we not only help you find the right keywords to bid on but also analyze your competitors’ campaigns. Knowing how your competitors are operating their Google Ads campaigns can be a huge advantage. For instance, it can help you decide whether you want to bid on the same keywords they are or target the keywords your competitors are overlooking. We will give you detailed reports on their bids, ad spend, and landing pages. With this information, we can then create your Ads campaign. We’ll also create an ad copy, configure all the settings, create multiple ad variations, and modify them to achieve the highest conversion rates you can get.

We also offer negative match services, which allows you to optimize your ad spend by filtering our users who match to a group that’s unlikely to convert. For instance, a high-fashion retailer might restrict their ads to high-income earners while a cafe might limit their ads by geographical location. As a google ad and PPC agency in Adelaide, we also offer A/B testing. By constantly split testing, we can increase the return on investment for PPC. A/B testing presents half of the users who click on your add with an alternate version of your landing page so you can test the effectiveness of a specific variable. A/B tests aim to increase the conversion rate of a specific action such as buying, subscribing, signing up, taking a survey, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google AdWords (now known as Google Ads) is an online advertising platform operated by Google and is one of the largest and most widely used ads platform. Advertisers have to bid to show ads to users either in the search results or on mobile apps, videos, and non-search websites. It’s the most popular way to drive qualified traffic to websites.

The cost per click varies depending on the keywords you are targeting. Some can be as low as $1-2 for search ads and less than $1 for Google display network. With advertisers only paying when someone clicks on their ads. It’s always advisable to use PPC agency in Adelaide to help with real-time data that will help you make decisions on how much to spend on ads.

Paid ads expose your business to millions of users on Google and other platforms. Your google ads agency, can help you reach customers at every stage of their buying journey, harness search intent, use whatever budget you are comfortable with, build brand awareness and get faster results than with SEO.

First, make sure your keywords are relevant, you target the right customers, and that you understand your AdWords PPC management tools. If you are relatively new, using a Google ads agency may be better for you since they have done this longer and will help you maximise your budget for the best results.

While it is not right for every business. If well managed, Google AdWords will work for any business or product that people look for online. If you are interested in google advertising Adelaide, working with an AdWord agency will help you to target the right audience and drive conversions quickly.

If you want to advertise with PPC in Adelaide, take time to look for an agency that fully understands your needs and meets the set goals, niot just the first one you come across. That way, you will be sure that you will achieve the best results and have a positive experience.

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads while the impression share is the percentage of the effect that ads receive compared to the total number effects that ads could get.

Yes. Ads on Google maps make it easy for people to find your location, which increases foot traffic to your business. To advertise on Google Maps, you must enable ads extension to your ads account, update your GMB listing, use local targeting while bidding by location, and optimise your keywords properly.

Clicking on a competitor’s ads is known as click fraud. Competitors sometimes do this to run you out of your PPC advertising budget, but there is a way around it. If Google identifies any clicks that seen fraudulent, they issue a refund for the money spent on the clicks.

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