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Online marketing activities help a business’s growth by enabling lead generations and conversions. If your enterprise is looking for effective Google Ads that deliver results, then you need a professional PPC agency in Sydney to help. At Online Path, we ensure your success when you choose to undertake Google advertising services in Sydney. Our expertise and technical know-how boost your website traffic by targeting relevant audiences and implementing only keywords that attract greater engagement.

At Online Path, we not only focus on engagement but also at keeping it cost-effective. Our PPC services keep the conversion volume high and the competition minimum.

We also offer extensive support when you choose to work with us, enabling you to embrace the top spot in search results. Therefore, you can trust us to give you outstanding service that delivers specific results tailored to your needs. Achieve your goals more quickly with Google advertising in Sydney.

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We create the right path for your audience through our Pay-Per-Click services in Sydney

PPC campaigns are the most effective way of ranking at the top of search engines. Pay-per-click campaigns effectively target and convert customers who are ready to buy by engaging them when they show a purchase intent. We consistently develop winning PPC campaigns that prevent wasteful advertising spend.

At Online Path, we create the best campaigns on the right platforms. While Google is a dominant platform, we also consider social media platforms that command high following and drive traffic through digital ads. The key to successful Google Ads is finding the right keywords that fit the search to raise the quality scores. Our AdWords management will optimise your landing pages in Sydney with the right keywords to engage visitors and direct them to your website. The higher your keyword scores, the less you pay for ads and higher conversion rates.

With effective keyword grouping, we ensure that you and your products/services are visible when your audience need them. Better ads improve your click-through rate, increase your keyword quality while saving money.

How does Google AdWords management work?

Google AdWords management in Sydney involves a range of services and processes that generate results. Our efforts, expertise and knowledge in delivering consistent and impressive results to our clients shows in the staggering analytics we share with you. The process involves;

Goal definition

For effective PPC management in Sydney, the first step is to define the goals. Our professionals help you set your marketing goals into achievable objectives that are assessable through various metrics available. Whether you want to bolster sales or increase your online presence, your goals must be clear, measurable and specific.

Identifying target audience

Once you have set your goals, identify your target audience to create a campaign that impacts your audience and shows results. Identifying the right audience starts with research and analytics that are used to develop detailed buyer personas. This is useful for effective targeting of the campaigns.

Keyword research

Most online searches happen on Google, which means your PPC campaign should use the most effective keywords and phrases for a targeted bid. Your ads will be shown to a qualified audience interested in your products and services with the right keywords. At Online Path, we curve your search terms for effective Google AdWords management in Sydney, which is a goldmine for potential traffic generation.

Campaign optimisation

After we set up your campaign, it is optimised for the right keywords, audience and goals to ensure it is captivating and includes a clear call to action that stands out. As, an organised PPC management company in Sydney, we use a data-driven approach.

Increase Your Revenue with PPC Advertising

If you are not impressed with your return on investment, the best way to increase PPC profitability is to be smart with your bids and adjust them. That is how you get more for your ad budget without excessive spending. PPC management in Sydney can increase your revenue by changing your bids from time to time to increase profits. Online conversions are determined by the day, demographics and purchasing habits. These factors may boost conversions, while some will pull it down. Users often act differently depending on how they access online products.

Segmenting bids can boost ad positions for high conversions. This form of PPC management in Sydney maximises profitability per conversion. In some cases, adjusting bids may not be an effective strategy. This means that you can decrease your sales to boost overall profits. PPC metrics effectively measure the performance of an ad campaign to identify areas that need adjustment, improvement or deconstruction. This will not affect your PPC advertising budget because you only pay for what is converted.

Our PPC Company in Sydney customises ads to be affordable for big and small businesses and use the most effective analytic tools to discover new market trends. This way, we adjust your campaigns according to your goals and objectives, leading your audience to your business.

Are you happy with your PPC Company in Sydney?

Most businesses use Google Ads in Sydney to maintain their business presence online. As a good AdWords company in Sydney, we always put your needs first before building campaigns. There are a lot of companies that offer Google ads in Sydney, and you have to be sure on which one you want to use. A good company should give you a chance to discuss your needs, goals, industry position, and budget. This process helps the team develop the best strategy to deliver results for you. Don’t rely on template campaigns that are less competitive and will cost you money.

Measuring the performance of your campaign is complex, and you should never do it alone. Consider our PPC company in Sydney with proven tools that can appropriately offer analytics on your custom ad strategy. When a company leaves you to do things yourself, your chances of success are rare. If you find yourself in such a position with a company, shift your focus to a more reliable company like Online Path that will put you on a path to success.

Some of the different types of Pay-Per-Click ad type

Search ads

Search ads appear at the top or bottom of Google SERPS, and they are shown with the word “ad” to show paid content. Targeted keywords trigger these ads, and a PPC advertising agency in Sydney can help show your ads to relevant customers who are searching for your products and services.

Display ads

Display ads appear on Google partner websites and are not all-text ads. These ads generally have images and text and target specific consumer groups who may be interested in your business.

Social ads

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have many users who spend a lot of time online. This could be your potential audience which a PPC advertising agency in Sydney can help you tap into. These platforms can increase the click-through rate to your website and increase awareness of your brand, product and services. We have the appropriate analytical tools to study users’ hobbies, interests and purchase habits. We can use targeted social ads to reach your audience.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads focus on people who visit your website but do not purchase a product or take a required action. Sometimes people need more time to research about your product or service, or time to think before they buy. We can use remarketing to remind customers about your offering or to give them an incentive when they search on Google or visit their social media platforms.

Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads are shown on Google’s vast network to people searching for specific products. These ads are shown on the search engine result pages and allow customers to view your product image, description and price before they even come to your website. This leads to a higher conversion rate and more sales.

What makes our Google Ads services different?

When you work with Online Path AdWords agency in Sydney you will notice that we work along side you as part of your business. We get to know you, your customers and what makes you different to your competitors.

We use the best AdWords PPC tools for monitoring and tracking the performance of your strategy daily and we can optimise your campaigns for maximum delivery on your pay-per-click budget. We focus on;

Keyword research and identity

A Google Ads campaign is only successful when everything is done diligently from the start. Our Google advertising in Sydney learns about your target audience to form a foundation for running a successful ad campaign. We have all the tools that will enable us to learn about you, your brand and your audience. Before conducting any substantial keywords search, we must identify your target audience to approach the ad campaign directly.

Google ad groups

To make keywords more effective, we focus on the power of ad groups to make the most out of search engines. Grouping keywords in themes and categories is critical for a successful ad campaigns. Our experts in Google advertising in Sydney will group these keywords, which can then be used to create ad groups to set specific keywords that will trigger ads once shown on the search engine. Your ad will also complement the keywords which directly impact your quality score; hence they will be shown higher on the search results.

Constant improvement

A campaign only delivers results when constantly monitored, optimised and improved. We use our metrics to monitor Google ad clicks, conversion and ad quality scores. This happens throughout the process to identify ads that beat the competition. After selecting the ads that perform well, we can create other versions to penetrate the market more when your audience clicks on them.

Constant reporting

As a business owner, you have to be updated on your campaign’s performance. We maintain constant communication with you in a simple language that you can understand. Campaign reporting gives you a chance to see the campaigns that need improvement and re-adjustment.

Why we are best PPC agency in Sydney that can get the job done

We are a Google partner

Online Path is a PPC company in Sydney and a Google Partner. Our Google ads agency in Sydney has completed successful Google training for Search Networks, Google Display Network and Google Analytics. Working with us means that you will always be among the first to discover new Google advertising products while pushing you up the competition ladder.

We value data

Analytics is the foundation of any business, which is why the tools we use are geared towards solutions. We consider all aspects of your business, competitors, brand, keywords and platforms to identify areas that need improvement. We analyse the competition and rate their performance. This information will help us formulate strategies that can beat any competition.

We are budget-friendly

We always have control of your revenue and expenditure when advertising your business. You do not necessarily have to spend more money to get leads. After we understand your business, the keywords, and the campaign’s length, we can set for you a reasonable advertising budget to achieve results.

We get results

Your business becomes our business when you choose to work with us, which explains our commitment to daily improvement. Before we run your campaign, our Google ads agency in Sydney always has insight into the market, and we know what we are doing.

Impact of PPC advertising on your Business

PPC advertising in Sydney can greatly impact your business because it is strategic and effective. Our strategies use highly targeted ads that directly impact your business. We use keywords that are carefully selected for your business and will only be displayed when specific keywords are searched for on the internet. This saves you money and time that you would have spent on guesswork and template advertising campaigns. Even if you do not get conversions immediately, your brand awareness will grow, and so will your business.

PPC advertising in Sydney also focuses on your overall campaign needs and what you want to achieve. If you are looking to boost your sales by the dollar, these ads can be adjusted for conversion generation from new customers. If you feel the need to increase your revenue by a certain percentage, the main focus will be getting repeat customers. We are, therefore, sure that our AdWords management in Sydney will reach your audience. Through constant performance tracking and optimisation, PPC can identify well-performing ads and create other versions of the same campaign to drive more traffic.

You should also consider pay-per-click advertising because it is proven to drive traffic and revenue. Instead of spending all your advertising budget on other marketing strategies, pay-per-click advertising only allows you to pay for the number of clicks you get from an ad. In addition, your strategy is not only focused on a specific platform.

Grow your brand with data-driven results.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

seo services adelaide - Online Path

Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Help more customers find you by using tried and tested SEO strategies to optimise your website to increase traffic, authority and keyword rankings.

google adwords ads agency - Online Path


Our PPC experts will harness the benefits of Google Ads to target an in-market audience, driving qualified traffic, creating leads and ultimately resulting in increased revenue.

google display advertising agency - Online Path

Google Display

With a huge reach, effective targeting and low cost-per-click Google Display Advertising is a cost effective way to increase and reinforce brand awareness.

video marketing adelaide - Online Path


With YouTube processing over 3 billion searches every month and users consuming more video content than ever before video advertising is a perfect fit for any objective or budget.

Shopping advertising adelaide - Online Path


For e-commerce Google Shopping ads super-charge your digital campaign, increasing click through rate and conversions, by showcasing images of your products at the top of the search results.

social media marketing adelaide - Online Path

Social Media

Whether your customers are using Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, our social media experts can engage with your audience to increase brand awareness and generate revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once an agency is in charge of your PPC account, it will structure your account to make it more focused. Doing this helps you in the testing and optimisation process where they will pause keywords, add new keywords, optimise bids, test ad copies and change settings to improve performance. The agency should also be an expert in your trade field to implement strategies that can beat the competition.

Google ads can cost between $1 and $2 per click when run on the Search Networks. On average, you will pay less than $1 on the Display Network. However, the cost depends on the competitiveness of your industry and the ads quality score. Keywords in some competitive and highly profitable industries may cost up to $50 per click.

Broad matches show a particular ad provided all the keywords are included in a search regardless of the word order. These can generate millions of responses on SERPS and cover general topics.

Phrase match keywords use specific phrases to trigger ad displays. These will be shown if extra words are placed before and after the keywords in a search.

An exact match only shows an ad when the search query is the same as the keyword used in the search. These are more responsive and generate more conversions.

Negative match keywords are those that prevent your ad campaign from being shown on a search engine when certain phrases are typed. Your ads will not be visible to anyone searching for that phrase.

PPC is good for your business to grow your audience and expand its reach `which determines the continuous success and growth. This approach is key for every business that wants to tap into digital marketing strategies, especially if you have a limited budget. PPC marketing delivers immediate results and can get you results within a short time, unlike other strategies that take months.

PPC helps you increase your site traffic which helps you attain your goals more reasonably. Your business goals are aligned with specific keywords that target your customers to grow your business. PPC is compatible with various aspects of the business, which helps advance your relationship with a wide audience. From the point of awareness to them becoming repeat customers.

Google Ads identify keywords relevant to your products and services, which will be used to create campaigns for users to find them online. Once the campaign is set, you have to bid on how much you want to pay for the ad. Your ads quality score and relevance on the landing pages establish whether your bid wins the action on Google. You only pay for every click on your ad.

PPC advertising should not be a trial-and-error strategy, and that is why you should work with companies that know what they are doing. If your current ad account is not showing any results, we can offer you a free PPC audit to advise on the way forward. We can take over from your existing agency and help get your campaigns back on track.

A PPC strategy can show results immediately. However, it needs constant re-evaluation and measuring to determine how customers react to your ads. Our team constantly collects data to create a lead-generating campaign. We also report the performance throughout to identify areas that need adjustment.

Search engine marketing (SEM) displays your ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. There are various avenues for setting up SEM campaigns, including YouTube ads, Shopping ads, Google Display Network and many more. Meanwhile, pay-per-click ads focus on ad campaigns where you pay for clicks only when a customer clicks on your ad when they search for specific targeted keywords.

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