PPC Audits

From our personal health to our cars, we know that investing in a check up can help avoid unexpected costs, underperformance or surprise results—and not the good kind!

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are also complex, multi-faceted systems that should undergo regular health checks to ensure they are performing at their best and getting return on your investment. With our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience, we can be the objective eyes you need to identify the underperforming parts of your PPC campaigns and turn them into goldmines.

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Your PPC report card

With any luck your PPC report card will be as clean as a whistle, but as PPC platforms and options are constantly evolving, this often isn’t the case. If not set up and reviewed regularly, pay-per-click campaigns can unfortunately be riddled with deficiencies—some proving quite costly if not corrected.

Our PPC audits are designed to maximise the efficiency of your ad account and identify opportunities for improvement to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

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A PPC audit can be an exciting journey of uncovering opportunities for improvement. Audits analyse a huge array of data and results, from account structure, search terms, bidding and budgets through to ad ranking, scheduling and remarketing. Some things the results of your audit might assist with include:

  • Discovering account structure and performance issues, for example conversion tracking may not be working.
  • Ensuring Google’s best practices are being implemented.
  • Identifying wasted spend, for example on irrelevant or underperforming keywords.
  • Uncovering missed opportunities for audience targeting.
  • Recognising opportunities to improve KPIs, for example increasing click through rate (CTR) or reducing cost per click (CPC).

Why choose Online Path

Not only are our digital advertising strategists Google Ads and Analytics certified, they can translate the jargon into everyday terms so you know exactly how your PPC campaigns are performing and what you can do to maximise the results.

Whether you need a health check up for your self-managed PPC campaigns or an independent eye to tell you what’s happening behind the scenes, our PPC audit could be just what the doctor ordered. Contact us today and we’ll make sure you’re getting return on every dollar you invest.

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