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Make your brand the first business customers will see when search for a service you offer on Google. At Online Path, our progressive SEO strategies, keyword research and advanced metrics can help push your business to the top of search engine results. Choosing Online Path will ensure that you’re using one of the best SEO services in Newcastle. If you’re looking for increased brand recall, brand consideration and more conversions in the long run, our digital marketing agency can help.

The best SEO company in Newcastle should understand the intricate details of the digital marketing world. We also utilise website optimisation, user interface improvement and additional PPC and SEM ad strategies to help your business grow. With Online Path, we provide a whole bouquet of these services and much, much more.

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What you get with our SEO strategies on the Central Coast to Help Your Business

Every business has a strategy to succeed. As the preferred Central Coast SEO agency, we have a proven three-fold plan to make you one of the highest-ranking businesses in your domain. Key to our customised SEO tactics is how we rely solely upon data-driven decisions to help you achieve results efficiently.

On-Page SEO

Each page of your website is inspected and optimised to meet your needs. It may mean optimising your headlines, HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images. We can make on-page SEO changes to your website until we reach your desired result.

Off-Page SEO

Good off-page SEO focuses on promoting your brand around the web and incorporating link-building, influencer outreach and content marketing to skyrocket your SERPs.

Technical SEO

The hardest aspect of search engine optimisation is technical SEO. This involves optimising your website and server to be indexed by search bots. As a result, your business will rank better on all search engines and therefore increase your conversions and revenue.

Together, these three elements can create miracles for your business and bring in new customers. See your business expand like never before and witness your revenues soar by choosing Online Path.

What Makes Our SEO Services in Newcastle Different?

In the sea of SEO services in Newcastle, Online Path stands out by equipping businesses with everything they need to retain a competitive edge and set themselves apart.

  1. We equip you to overtake your business competitors

Digital marketing is getting more and more competitive each day. Whether you want to be a part of the competition or not, online business success today depends on how well you can outdo your competitors. Regardless of size, businesses today must stand out to stay ahead.

  1. We use the right marketing channels to boost traffic

Online Path boosts traffic to your website using multiple distribution and marketing channels.

  • Email marketing: 40% of marketers in the B2B domain, email newsletters are the key to marketing success for businesses today.
  • Social media: more than 90% of marketers use social media to build brand visibility and awareness.
  • Blogging: blogs help increase website traffic and increase awareness among customers for new products.
  1. We allow result monitoring

Assumptions have no place in a digital business environment. We help you monitor the results of your SEO efforts and track the progress of your strategies using advanced monitoring tools and research. We believe not only in creating strategies, but also in seeing our efforts through so that you get the desired ROI and conversions.

Why Choose Online Path as your Newcastle SEO Agency?

As a leading SEO agency in Newcastle, Online Path takes a strategic approach to all things SEO.

Website Audit

We perform a thorough review of your existing website and user interface (UI). This helps us identify any specific areas that require improvement to boost your reach. Working on these areas will result in a higher ranking and increased traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

We use the most advanced research tools in the market today to select the appropriate keywords for your website. This will help you achieve your business objectives and utilise the most relevant keywords to boost your business.

Competitor Analysis

Having a data-driven SEO strategy helps you see what your competitors are doing to increase their reach and thus level the field for all parties in the market. With our advanced research skills and tools, we use data from your competitors to find out what works, what doesn’t and how you can use it to adjust your strategy for the market.

Content Creation

If your website and backlinks have informative and entertaining content, potential customers have a higher chance of converting. After we successfully bring your potential customers to your website, we ensure that your content is interesting enough to hold their attention, appeal to them and convert the sale.

Link Building

We help create high-quality links that direct users to your website using organic and informational content.


Our ultimate objective is providing you an increased return on investment (ROI) and conversions. We ensure we have the right data and metrics to measure and help you visualise this information.

Grow your brand with data-driven results.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

seo services adelaide - Online Path
Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

Help more customers find you by using tried and tested SEO strategies to optimise your website to increase traffic, authority and keyword rankings.

google adwords ads agency - Online Path

Our PPC experts will harness the benefits of Google Ads to target an in-market audience, driving qualified traffic, creating leads and ultimately resulting in increased revenue.

google display advertising agency - Online Path
Google Display

With a huge reach, effective targeting and low cost-per-click Google Display Advertising is a cost effective way to increase and reinforce brand awareness.

video marketing adelaide - Online Path

With YouTube processing over 3 billion searches every month and users consuming more video content than ever before video advertising is a perfect fit for any objective or budget.

Shopping advertising adelaide - Online Path

For e-commerce Google Shopping ads super-charge your digital campaign, increasing click through rate and conversions, by showcasing images of your products at the top of the search results.

social media marketing adelaide - Online Path
Social Media

Whether your customers are using Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, our social media experts can engage with your audience to increase brand awareness and generate revenue.

Ask Our SEO Experts in Newcastle: FAQs

In short, yes. SEO is an integral part of every digital business communication strategy today. With more and more businesses entering the market each day, SEO competition is also increasing.

Today, every consumer will search for brands and products online before inevitably purchasing. Their buying decision is motivated by the brand’s information and reviews they see at first glance. This is how SEO can help – by getting your brand at the top of search engine results.

SEO strategies start with a thorough market analysis and competitor scan. The next step is compiling a list of relevant keywords and creating content and backlinks integrated with these keywords.

Keywords are a critical component of any SEO strategy. They help businesses identify what their customers are searching for and give them what they are looking for.

Most SEO strategies start showing results after 4 to 6 months. However, these results also grow exponentially, so a more successful demonstration will be visible after about 12 months.

Once you know why you received a penalty, you must remove all the backlinks that resulted in the drop in your ranking. All your backlinks are available using Google Webmaster Tools, this is something that we can help you with.

Capitalising on our SEO services in Newcastle can help more local customers identify your business. This makes you a part of their consideration set and will lead to repeat purchases in the long run.

Online Path gives you dedicated SEO specialists to track your campaign performance. We also provide actionable keyword insights and can boost your SEO ranking.

At Online Path, we will help you with advanced SEO strategies, keyword research and help you track your progress using metrics such as:

  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Traffic from organic searches
  • Ranking
  • Referrals from other websites
  • Number of backlinks
  • Page authority and domain
  • Brand mentions

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