Spotify Advertising

Music is the soundtrack to many people’s lives — they use it to energise, relax, focus, work out, party and everything in between. They stream it, they play it on iPods and iPhones, and even enjoy classic and newly pressed vinyl.

Audio surrounds us all day long from a range of sources and platforms — and Spotify has quickly become the platform of choice to share messages with highly targeted audiences as they stream the music and podcasts they love.

With more than seven million users in Australia alone, Spotify is not only the world’s largest global music subscription service, it’s also an appealing platform for music and podcast consumers spanning generations.

Even more importantly, Spotify has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses and brands to share their story and get their messages in ears and in front of eyes.

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Research has proven that digital audio is more engaging than radio, TV and social media.

Spotify offers brands and businesses an array of digital audio advertising options to suit budgets and objectives. Advertising opportunities also span more than just audio — you can also boost your brand and share your messages using video, display and even podcast ads.

Music is inherently personal and emotional, and platforms like Spotify can fuel insights far beyond basic demographics to reflects moods, moments and mindsets. Where else can you tap into a database of this calibre and target customised and captivating ads to engaged audiences?

Online Path’s digital advertising experts can help you leverage the unique targeting capabilities of Spotify to reach listeners across devices, moments and formats when they are immersed in their favourite music and podcasts.

Tap into powerful consumer insights

Unlike traditional radio advertising, Spotify advertising allows you to target your messages to any audience you like — meaning your advertising budget is spent on audiences that matter rather than the scattergun approach of radio where you pay top dollar to reach audiences that may not even be interested in your brand or business.

Online Path can create Spotify ad campaigns that reach audiences based on more than just demographic data such as age, gender and language, but also according to streaming habits, platforms and location.

We will harness the power of Spotify consumer insights to further target your messaging based on music genre, or even serve your ads to people who are listening to music tailored to specific activities and moods through playlists.

We can go the extra mile to help you target your ads based on mobile device, desktop applications and even carrier, so that your ad reaches your audience exactly when they are ready to listen.

Tell your brand’s story with professional production

At Online Path, we are invested in your brand just as much as you are. We spend the time getting to know your business and your objectives and we turn that into captivating ad content that resonates with your target audience.

When it comes to audio, video and display advertising, Spotify is a cut above the rest. Your ad will be professionally produced meaning it will stand out with high quality audio, video and display advertising options that will drive brand visibility and audience engagement — and all included in the cost of your ad. No hidden extras.

Based on a ‘freemium’ model, Spotify offers listeners free and paid subscription options, with active users listening for an average more than two hours a day on the ad-supported platform.

On Spotify’s ad-supported platform, we can make sure your ads are heard and seen by listeners at naturally occurring breaks between songs and across mobile and desktop platforms.


Our online advertising experts can create audio campaigns that will reach your audience where visual media can’t — from headphones to the car and at any moment in between. Audio ads are served between songs during active listening sessions and are accompanied by a clickable companion display unit to drive traffic to a URL destination.


Harnessing the power of Spotify’s display advertising options, we can put your brand front and centre with ads designed for viewability on homepage banners and takeovers to mobile and desktop overlays.

Leaderboard — Get your brand noticed in an environment where your ad is the only one shown for 30 seconds. These clickable display units are served when Spotify is the top app on the screen.

Homepage takeover — Showcase your brand message on the Spotify homepage for 24 hours with this clickable display unit that can also include interactive elements to capture interest and drive engagement.

Overlay — Ensure your brand makes maximum impact using this clickable display unit that drives traffic to your destination URL using one of 13 different call-to-action buttons to increase engagement.


Up the ante with Spotify’s video advertising options and tell your story with sight, sound and motion, and put your brand at the gateway of the Spotify streaming experience. Using Spotify video ads, our digital advertising experts can engage your brand with your audience in a number of different ways to increase brand visibility, awareness and engagement.

Maximise your return on investment with real-time results

Not only will Online Path harness the benefits of clever consumer insights to target your ad, but you will also have access to data that shows exactly how your ad is performing and understand the impact it is creating for your business.

We’ll provide you with real-time results that track a range of metrics such as:

  • Reach — Verify that your audio, video, and display ads were seen and heard by the right people.
  • Resonance — Understand how your message affected brand perception, with metrics such as awareness, message association and purchase intent.
  • Frequency, listen rate and click-through-rate.

Get your messages heard by audiences ready to listen

Online Path digital marketing experts have helped numerous clients take advantage of
Spotify’s powerful and dynamic advertising formats to reach audiences, build brand awareness and tap into the benefits of engaged music and podcast lovers, with ad recall increasing over traditional display advertising by up to 24%.

With targeting options closely connected to mood and mindset, and users streaming throughout the day across the globe, you can target and reach audiences exactly when they are ready to listen and engage.

We’re helping to shape the future of Spotify advertising

Online Path is recognised by Spotify as a leading advertising agency using this powerful platform to help countless business share their brand and messaging with engaged listeners — and getting great results in the process.

As such, we’re part of Spotify Soundboard and one of just 1,000 Spotify advertisers worldwide that have been exclusively invited to trial new products, provide valuable feedback and ultimately help shape the future of advertising on Spotify to ensure it is a platform that helps build brands and drive consumer engagement.

Why choose Online Path to amplify your message

Our team of dedicated, experienced and expert digital advertising specialists can use Spotify advertising options to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd, gets you the results you want and delivers return on your investment.

We’ll get your message into ears and your brand in front of eyes when we use our extensive experience to create ads that sound great, resonate with your audience and build brand awareness at a competitive cost.

An undeniably more effective and cost-efficient alternative to radio advertising, Spotify advertising offers big brand advertising without the big brand spend, making it an affordable option for businesses of any shape and size.

We’ve worked with numerous clients to deliver clever Spotify advertising campaigns that have achieved results and helped build brands. Let’s make yours next.

Leverage the power of Spotify advertising and Online Path’s proven results to boost your brand and drive growth and revenue today. Advertising on Spotify is easy and working with Online Path is easier.

Grow your brand with data-driven results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify is a popular digital music, podcast and video streaming service that provides users with access to millions of songs and other content from creators and artists across the globe. Users can access Spotify content on a range of devices including smart phones, computers, tablets, TVs and cars. With more than seven million users in Australia alone, it’s ‘freemium’ model, delivers strategically targeted ads to listeners at regular intervals, opening up endless opportunities for businesses and brands to share, connect and engage with their target audience.

Spotify’s ‘freemium’ access offers a range of advertising options for businesses and brands to reach target audiences while they are streaming their favourite music, podcasts and other content. While Spotify is largely an audio platform, the ways you can share your messages and brand story go much further than simply audio, but spanning into video, display and even podcast advertising.

Advertising on Spotify isn’t just for big brands and budgets — Spotify ads are accessible and suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes and even budgets. Spotify ad campaigns can start from as little as $250 for ad placement and can increase as little or as much as your budget and campaign objectives will allow. What’s more, producing audio for your ads is included in the cost of your campaign advertising — meaning no hidden costs and more of your budget can go into running the ads that will make a difference.

In addition to the cost benefits, advertising on Spotify offers clever consumer insights that we can tap into to make sure your ad is reaching the right people at the right time. Unlike traditional radio or TV advertising, we can target your ad to a tailored audience meaning that your budget will go further to reach the audience you want it to. We can target your ads based on a powerful combination of demographic data such as age, gender and language; streaming habits, platforms and location; music genre; playlists tailored to specific activities and moods; and even device and carrier, so that your ad reaches your audience exactly when they are ready to listen.

One of the great things about advertising on Spotify is that when it comes to the audio, you don’t have to worry about production. Your audio will be professionally produced as part of the advertising cost — meaning no out of pocket expense for audio production. Your audio will be produced by experts in a professional studio.

Our expert digital marketing team will regularly review the performance of your ad to ensure it gets the best bang for your buck. We’ll provide you with real time results and access to data that shows exactly how your ad is performing in terms of reach, listen rate, resonance, frequency and click-through rate. We’ll make sure you understand the impact your ad is creating for your business and your bottom line.

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