8 Proven Google Ads Strategies to Boost Your Business

In the bustling world of online business’, leveraging Google Ads isn't just an option—it's a necessity. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned brand, integrating Google Ads into your business can be the game-changer you've been searching for. Done right, it's the key to precisely attracting the traffic you need for success. Discover these eight strategic tactics to start achieving your online goals.
  • Mel Gibbons

    27 May, 2023

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What Benefits do Google Ads Bring to you?

Enhances Brand Awareness

  • Google Ads boosts leads and sales by placing your ads in front of the right audience across its vast network. With advanced targeting, it connects your brand with potential customers at key moments, increasing visibility and engagement, and driving more leads to your business.

Increases Leads

  • Google Ads allows targeting of specific demographics, keywords, and interests, ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right time. With compelling ad copy and strategic bidding, businesses attract potential customers that are actively searching for their products or services, driving more conversions and generating valuable leads.

Faster Results than Organic SEO

  • Google Ads delivers faster results than organic SEO. Once your campaigns go live, they can drive traffic to your website almost immediately. While organic SEO builds long-term visibility, Google Ads offers a quicker return on investment by boosting visibility and traffic right away.

1. Get Help from An Expert

  •  Quality scores
  • Conversions
  • Big competition
  • Keyword trends

To excel in Google Ads, it’s vital to grasp complex metrics such as quality scores and keyword trends. By teaming up with a specialist, you can ensure a steady flow of traffic while staying within budget. With an agency at your side, you’ll benefit from real-time management, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while they navigate the technical intricacies for maximum efficiency and results.

2. Tweaking Language Targeting

Language targeting is essential for driving targeted traffic using Google Ads. Here’s how it works:

  • Reach Diverse Audiences: Language targeting allows businesses to connect with potential clients from different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing engagement and expanding global presence.
  • Tailored Campaigns: Focusing on specific regions, such as France, enables businesses to customise their Google Ads campaigns with relevant keywords and ads in French, increasing visibility to French-speaking users.
  • Consider Nuances: It’s important to consider language preferences; users may search in French, but their Google interface language settings could be in English, potentially impacting ad visibility.
  • Target All Languages: To maximise reach and ensure inclusivity, businesses should target all relevant languages wherever possible. This ensures effective engagement with diverse audiences and maximises campaign effectiveness.

3. Keyword Matching

When setting up a Google Ads campaign, the default keyword match is usually on ‘broad match.’ This is so you can target a wide audience. However, you can specialise your keyword matching to reach a more specific target audience through the following:

  • Negative keywords – These keep your brand or website from appearing in irrelevant searches.
  • Broad match – Google will match searches to your preferred keywords in a broader way, such as related keywords, misspellings, synonyms, and typos.
  • Phrase match – This ensures that Google only matches your keyword phrases to searches using the same phrases with no variations.
  • Exact match – Google will only match your Ads if the person searching uses the same keyword without tweaks.
  • Broad match modifier – This is slightly like broad match, except it allows you to pinpoint the exact keywords or phrases you want to match.

4. Consider Your Quality Score

A high-quality score translates to better rankings and increased visibility. Your Google Ads keywords will be given a quality score of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. To see your keyword’s quality score go to the Google Ads dashboard, click ‘campaigns’, then ‘keywords’, and you will see a search bubble near the keyword status. Keep a close eye on your score and refine your approach accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Re-define Geo-Targeting

Precision is key in reaching your target audience. By segmenting your market and tailoring your campaigns to specific locations, you can maximise your impact while optimising your budget for maximum returns.

6. Monitor Your Keywords

Google Ads management and running a successful ads campaign takes more than just putting the keywords out there and hoping to get the target audience you are looking for. You must understand the keywords to use and the kinds that create the greatest conversions. Therefore, it is key you test, monitor, and optimise your ads closely.

To best achieve this, you can use google ads conversion tracking, a free Google Ads tool that will help you track what precise keywords are bringing in more conversion traffic. Moreover, you can also see what happens when a customer clicks on your ad through this tool!

7. Embrace Re-Marketing

Never forget to re-market your campaigns on Google Ads. This will help you reach the potential internet users who have already visited your page. As they are already familiar with your brand and what you offer, they are more likely to trust our brand. You can start by creating a re-marketing list and then creating the audience based on user interactions on your site.

8. Detail-Orientated Ads

Make your ads clear and engaging to drive more sales to your site. Customers like when brands are specific and clear on what they’re offering. Always include all the necessary details, including prices and shipping rates, and use accurate pictures with accurate product descriptions for a higher click through rate.


To have a successful Google Ads campaign you must be ready to put in the effort and keep up with continuous testing. However, it’s vital to remember that what works for someone else may not work for your target audience and products. Always test and find out what drives more traffic, conversions, and sales to your site. Keep monitoring and make small changes to the tests you are using; eventually, you will find what works for you. If navigating this digital landscape feels daunting, remember: a trusted Google Ads Agency can be your guiding light.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to define a basic Google Ads strategy for your business.

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