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Home » Best PPC Agency in Newcastle One of the most convincing ways to market online, enhance your visibility and approachability, and gain quantified results is through PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Yet, many businesses are unaware of the potential of PPC advertising. This is where you can differentiate yourself from your competitors who are competing for interest from the same audience as your business. How? By partnering with a reliable, data-driven PPC agency in Newcastle, like Online Path.
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As a full-service PPC agency in Newcastle, Online Path takes your digital marketing strategy and transforms it into a performance driving affair. We are a highly successful Google Ads agency in Newcastle helping businesses big and small to derive maximum output from their PPC campaigns while minimising ad spend.

If efficiently performed, PPC advertising helps online businesses stand out more on search engines such as Google, and drive more leads and sales than ever before. All you need is the guiding hand of certified PPC experts who help you get the most from your marketing budget and build true brand value everything that we promise to deliver at Online Path.

PPC Strategies at Online Path

Pay-per-click services from Online Path are popular for being strategic and focused on results. Facebook and Google recognise us for our expert knowledge and for always getting great results for our clients. We chose certified PPC Newcastle experts with a lot of experience in search engine marketing strategy to help drive your ad campaigns. We specialise in making customised strategies to interact with and reach people who are already interested in your business.

We use modern tools to research keywords, analyse websites and competitors, and develop custom PPC advertising strategies based on tried-and-true methods and data that keep up with trends and get results. As a well known PPC agency in Newcastle, our experts will always take care of what your business needs. Regardless of your business, our PPC services will go above and beyond your expectations. Some of the strategies we can implement are:


1. Optimise Campaign Content

Google checks the quality of more than just the ad copy. It also looks at the rest of the buyer’s journey. As part of your pay-per-click campaign, our experts will look at your website and make suggestions to improve it to give your audience a good experience so they stay on your website and take action.

2. Marketing Campaign

As a high-performing PPC agency in Newcastle, we care about your business as much as we care about our own, so we are committed to you seeing results. We will make changes and test your campaign before putting it on the market. In addition, we will keep an eye on and evaluate your campaign to ensure it is functional and helps you reach the set goals to get the results we discussed.

3. Campaign Audit and Reorganisation

Our campaign analysis looks at the campaign details. We’ll always look at the big picture and all the things that can affect how well your campaign does. We’ll look at your online marketing platforms, how well they’re meeting your goals, and so on. We’ll also discuss how the customer funnel might affect your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

4. ROI (return on investment) Tracking

One clear benefit of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is only paying when the audience clicks on your advertisement. Compared to traditional advertising forms, we can get a great return on your investment by investing in thorough analysis and methodically targeting your campaigns.

Different Types of PPC Services

At Online Path, we’ve found the best way to deliver fast and custom PPC campaigns that target relevant audiences and easily convert them. We use data-driven and modern techniques for PPC management in Newcastle. It puts your business on the right track to find powerful keywords, get new leads, map the competition, etc.

Online Path is a reputable Google Ads agency in Newcastle that businesses go to when they want to improve their online visibility. The clients also prefer Online Path to get more people to visit their website and get results that can be tracked and measured. Reporting is also clear and easy to understand on Online Path, which is one of the reasons for Online Path’s popularity.

1. Search Ads

Paid search advertising is the most prevalent. Audiences seeking industry-related services and products are exposed to Search advertisements. Such advertisements only work for one-time promotions or limited sales cycles.

2. Display Ads

As a leading Google ads agency in Newcastle, we help companies achieve repeat customers. Display PPC Ads reach more customers as they display on Google partners or associated websites and target users. Further, they employ images and text to attract viewers.

3. Social Ads

Social Ads are excellent if you have an established social media presence and a widely targeted clientele. Social ads are omnipresent, with analytics helping them approach buyers. In addition, the hobbies, networks and interests of consumers are analysed.

4. Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads target high-converting clients and boost sales. They target landing page visitors to convert them. Besides, expanding client segmentation and low competition make remarketing ads cost-effective. Online Path’s PPC ad types and techniques offer big results.

Why you should Trust Our PPC Newcastle Campaigns

Online Path has helped hundreds of businesses implement a well-planned PPC strategy that drives brand reach. Our experts are highly qualified to grow your business along with your vision, which is why our success has never been seen before in any other PPC company in Newcastle. Our partners and clients are confident in our PPC advertising skills because of our USPs, such as:

1. Accredited PPC Services

Online Path’s team has had training from Google. It is qualified for Google Analytics, Google Search Network, and Google Display Network. As a Google partner, our PPC Advertising Agency in Newcastle is among the first to hear about Google advertising products. It puts you ahead of your competitors in every way.

2. Data-Focused

We do in-depth research on your website, business, competitors, keywords and brands because we are focused on data. We use new tools and strategies that are based on finding solutions. Our competitor analysis is designed to determine what your competitors are doing for online marketing.

3. Proven results

We have helped many happy clients and have a good track record. In addition, we go above and beyond what customers expect. It will push your business to the limit.

What Do We Do in PPC Ads?

Online Path has built massive credibility as a high-performing Google Ads agency in Newcastle. We use business-related, relevant keywords that will boost brand recognition and make your organisation a leader.

Reaching your company objectives is another incentive to use PPC management in Newcastle after brand visibility, e-commerce sales and leadership. Our metric systems help monitor conversion objectives. In addition, our PPC ads can boost company traffic and give benefits like organic audience growth and time-saving SEO. Once we build up PPC campaigns, landing pages will gain clicks. In a nutshell, more website traffic means more sales and better search engine rankings.

Our PPC campaigns give a greater ROI and offer precise conversion numbers. You don’t need to spend more on PPC advertising since we allow you complete freedom and exclusive insights to tweak your PPC campaigns for greater success at any time.


PPC advertising can be placed anywhere on the internet. Search results, social media and third-party websites are several popular destinations. However, there are certain specialised websites where displaying advertising will be beneficial. Most business owners concentrate on the below-listed platforms for maximised results:
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Yes, people generally do click on online advertisements! It has been seen that internet advertisements result in better conversion rates. People who click on the advertising are more likely to purchase the service or products advertised.

While it is possible to design ad campaigns for unique promotional purposes on your own, it involves expertise and abilities. You’ll need more than keyword research skills to get the most bang for your buck. As the leading PPC agency in Newcastle, we have a group of experts with the talents and expertise to make it work.

If you’re spending money on PPC advertising, you’ll need a set of clear KPIs to track how well your campaigns are doing. How will you know how to improve if you don’t understand how you’re tracking? With so many PPC indicators, how do you choose which ones to track? We strongly advise concentrating on the indicators that demonstrate your return on investment. Not simply your search engine results but the actual conversions your campaign generates. You may monitor your Cost Per Conversion (CPC) and Conversion Rate (CVR), which is the cost of each conversion.

We emphasize is on results, results, and more results. It’s that simple! Let’s take a look at what’s going on. Our mission is to assist our customers in realising their digital marketing potential. Every choice we make is made to provide you with the highest potential return on your investment. When we say we’re “results-driven,” we’re referring to this.
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