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Home » Best PPC Agency on the Central Coast We live in a world where searches never stop. A single computer system can provide millions of search results instantly. However about 75% of customers only care about the results available on the first page. Only about 25% of customers ever go to the second page of search results. As a result of the increase in market competition, every business across industries today is fighting to remain in those top searches, and getting to the top is only possible when you have the best PPC agency on the Central Coast and a customised PPC campaign and strategy.
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With Online Path, you get a blend of industry experience, advanced technology and SEO expertise. Our teams of skilled SEO, SEM and PPC professionals take strategies with proven effectiveness and customise them to suit your needs and meet your business goals. As a result, your website will receive more views, greater visibility, boosted sales and increased revenue.

Choosing Online Path means using proven, data-driven insights to improve your website’s SEO ranking through keyword-rich content, relevant high-ranking search keywords and metrics to track your campaigns.

Result-driven strategies offered by Online Path

PPC management on the Central Coast involves several different types of ads. In the marketing world, everyone talks about remarketing ads, search ads and Google ads. While they might sound similar, they are all different and follow different objectives. We offer knowledge and expertise on the following types of ads:

Search ads:

This is the most common form of search engine marketing (SEM). Audiences looking for services or products related to your industry will see these ads.

Display ads:

Display PPC ads help reach a wider audience base. They are placed on partner websites of Google and target customers who are visiting websites related to your products or services. Online Path works with various businesses to extend their sales cycle and encourage repeat buying.

Social ads:

Social media PPC ads are growing in popularity. Today they are among the top platforms for PPC services and ads. Social ads are displayed on several social media platforms and are designed to use analytics and find prospective buyers.

Remarketing ads:

Remarketing PPC ads help businesses reach high-converting consumers and increase sales and turnover. A remarketing ad will usually target a customer who has already visited your landing page. Its objective is to try convincing them to buy your product instead of turning away. Remarketing ads are highly cost-effective due to low competition and highly targeted customer segments.

Google Shopping ads:

These ads are seen on the Google shopping network. Shopping ads target customers searching for your product on Google and are seen above the text-based search results.

In-stream ads:

In-stream ads are commonly seen on all video streaming platforms. This includes video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook as well as platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

PPC services by Online Path for Performance-Driven Results

Managing Google AdWords strategies and campaigns can quickly become overwhelming, with all the intricate details at every stage. When you partner with Online Path, a leading PPC agency on the Central Coast, you can leave the details to us and focus on growing your business offerings and services. Not every PPC strategy works for every business, so we give you a structured strategy that focuses on your business goals.

The first step to creating your Google ad strategy is to identify and understand your target audience which forms the foundation of all future ads and campaigns that you will run. With our expert PPC ad management team, we dedicate time to understanding your business, your offerings and your preferences. This is done before we even start searching for keywords so that we have a base for any strategies we create in the future.

Creating Google Ads strategies on the Central Coast also involves keyword grouping for product categories and common themes. The grouped keywords form a foundation that will trigger specific ads. Online Path also works to ensure the ad messaging and copy are keyword-rich and sounds organic rather than made up. The campaign messaging you use directly impacts your SEO ranking and score, so these factors are imperative for a high-ranking PPC ad campaign.

Once your ad campaign goes live, we have teams in place to monitor its performance based on metrics such as CTR (click-through rate), clicks, conversion and quality. Using such high-performing ads will lead to the creation of other versions of the same campaign for better audience and customer engagement. As a result, you will get the highest ROI (return on investment) for your ad budget.

Why Should You Trust Online Path for your PPC campaigns on the Central Coast?

If you’re looking to partner with a PPC company on the Central Coast, Online Path is the way to go. Through our years of experience, we understand that appealing to the right target audience is critical to business success. Thus, we ensure our strategies focus on reaching as wide an audience as possible. We create and run data-driven Google Ads as well as ad management services. Our team of experts and experienced PPC professionals take your ideas and business goals and converts them into customised PPC solutions that drive your business.

PPC is highly effective for increasing sales via e-commerce or while venturing into new markets. No matter which platforms you use, we will help you create, implement and streamline high-performance PPC campaigns that focus on your industry.

PPC advertising can achieve your business goals only when your procedures are effectively executed every time and through the lifecycle of the campaign. This includes processes like analysis, research, technical domains and consumer targeting, among others. Online Path provides you with the personnel and expertise to streamline your PPC and CPC campaigns, shaping a customised strategy that complements your existing approach to SEO.

With Online Path, a leading Google ads agency on the Central Coast, you see guaranteed results backed by data and measured by appropriate metrics. A successful PPC campaign is highly valuable for businesses both small and large. The whole world spends a significant amount of its time online, so we create strategies for social media platforms that provide several efficient PPC advertising options and provide ad spaces with the highest traffic volume.

What We Do as A PPC Management Agency on the Central Coast

SEO and PPC advertising are fundamental components of digital marketing. Without either of these, businesses cannot attract potential customers to their websites. If customers don’t see your name when they search for a product or service that you offer, they are highly likely to choose your competitors who DO appear in their searches.

PPC advertising on the Central Coast is an indispensable requirement for every business today. Not only do you gain customers and sales with proper PPC advertising, but you can lose existing customers if you don’t adopt these practices. At Online Path, we give you a team of experienced industry experts who design customised PPC strategies and provide ad management strategies on the Central Coast. Whether your customer searches for a service you offer or any related service, we make sure your business is a part of their consideration.

Our expertise begins with content creation, providing you with communication and copy that is keyword-rich and optimised for search engines. We also create PPC advertising strategies and campaigns along with effective backlinks to boost your website’s reach on the world’s largest search engines. With this, we effectively convert our expertise and experience into increased visibility and more customers for your business.


A PPC agency on the Central Coast can help you achieve your business goals, create unique strategies for your specific business needs and help you adjust your strategies as you grow.

About 75% of customers searching for products or services on search engines don’t go beyond the first page. PPC strategies ensure you are always among the top results your customer sees.

Online Path is a Google-certified and fully accredited SEO and SEM expert. No matter your needs or your budget, we have a plan for you.

To understand which messaging works better for a particular audience, we create two sets of ads that run parallel. The one that receives more clicks or conversions is then run alone with a higher budget.

PPC is short for pay-per-click, while CPC stands for cost-per-click. A network that provides payments for every click on a given link or ad is known as a CPC or PPC ad network.

PPC campaign costs vary based on business objective, reach required and budget allowances. For exact pricing and suggestions, reach out to our experts today.

Keyword research is an effective way to know whether Google ads are working for your business. This will show you which people are searching for your brand and who they are.
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