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Home » Boost Online Sales with a PPC Agency in Melbourne Most businesses and brands set aside a part of their budget for pay-per-click ad campaigns to reach potential customers. Unfortunately, setting a budget is not enough. Strategic planning and awareness of trends are essential to maximising the benefits of a campaign. That is where Online Path comes in! As an experienced PPC agency in Melbourne, we craft a bespoke campaign strategy that is well-planned and perfectly executed.
Let's Grow Your PPC

The aim: Enhance your visibility and approachability to potential clients looking for products and services on a search engine like Google.

The campaigns target potential clients through keywords for specific services and products within your industry. It is our job to use the best Google advertisement procedures, so business owners can depend on them for quantifiable results.

If you have been contemplating improving your brand’s online presence, we are the right team for the job. The focus of every campaign is to generate leads and conversions for your business, this is through pay-per-click campaigns that can be adjusted according to your sales expectations.

Put your faith in Online Path, a reputable Google Ads agency in Melbourne. We focus on providing AdWords services to deliver measurable results. The technical expertise and client experience we bring to the table to run campaigns turn clicks into actual sales.

We Create the Right Path for Your Audience

At Online Path, we understand that your audience is key to a successful business, and that is why we focus on reaching a wider audience. Our data-driven Google Ads management focuses on the vital metrics that matter to your business. Our team of PPC experts work around your ideas and goals to create a custom PPC solution.

PPC is extremely effective when you want to increase sales, through e-commerce, or capture new markets. Regardless of your existing platforms, our goal is to develop high-performing PPC campaigns that target your industry.

Pay-per-click advertising can only be successful when all procedures are executed effectively. These include research, analysis, and technical expertise to reach the target audience. Our Google AdWords agency in Melbourne values the uniqueness of your business and shapes a customised approach to complement your strategies.

The benefit of our AdWords management in Melbourne becomes evident from the success of your business. The value of PPC campaigns is immense for both big and small businesses. Considering that people spend so much time online, we focus on social media platforms that offer efficient PPC advertising options which deliver Ads on spaces with the most traffic.

How Does Google AdWords Management Work?

Google AdWords management can be quite overwhelming, considering the minor details that need to be considered at every stage. Begin with a reputable Google AdWords agency in Melbourne to ensure that only tested and proven approaches are used to create campaigns. There are specific ways to tackle PPC management in Melbourne.

The first step involves identifying and understanding the target audience, which is the basis upon which a successful Google Ads campaign is developed. Our experienced PPC management team takes time to know you, your business, products and services, and your brand. All this happens before searching for keywords, to develop a strategy for reaching target audiences.

Google AdWords management in Melbourne also includes keyword grouping for common themes and product categories for a successful Google Ads campaign. The grouped keywords act as a foundation that triggers particular ads. Likewise, our PPC agency ensures that the ad copy complements the keywords that directly impact the quality score for your ads and makes them appear higher on search results.

Once the ad campaign is active, there are teams to monitor the performance based on clicks, click-through rate, conversion and quality scores on a recurrent basis to handpick the performing Ads. These high-performing Ads are further used to create other campaign versions for the best interaction with your target audience, which assures a great return on investment.

Increase Your Revenue with PPC Advertising

We are an accomplished PPC company in Melbourne with a proven track record in creating a successful campaign that generates leads and converts them into customers. The more these campaigns generate leads and opportunities, the more you maximise your ROI.

Our PPC management services are extremely cost-effective. Our experts utilise the best research and data analysis tools to create ads that beat the competition and take over the market. We sit down with you and listen to your business goals and objectives to devise the best campaigns. Our data-driven approach delivers direct results through our understanding of the market trends acquired via intensive competitor analysis and user data.
These targeted Ads ensure that we meet and exceed your business’s needs. You will achieve the best returns on every dollar you spend on advertisements.

Are You Happy with Your PPC Company in Melbourne?

Businesses are now realising the capabilities of PPC advertising and are reaching out to qualified AdWords companies in Melbourne for their services. With Google Ads in Melbourne becoming popular, businesses are having a hard time picking the right one. If your AdWords company in Melbourne is not delivering your desired results, we are here for you.

Our approach to PPC marketing is designed to deliver results uniquely. We consider the vital aspects of your business and then translate these into a strategy that compliments your current position in the market to work towards what you want to achieve. Customised Search Advertising campaigns have the power to boost your brand presence online and increase leads that generate revenue.

We offer multiple online advertising services like pay-per-click Ads, Google Ads, and AdWords PPC management to reach all corners of e-marketing. We have to oversee and manage your PPC ad expenditure and your Google Ads account by targeting keywords to generate traffic for your site. Our keyword search is highly focused and can be adjusted to attract customer leads. The tools at our disposal can develop reliable PPC search campaigns to meet your proposed cost per lead.

Some of the Different Types of Pay per Click ad Types

Search Ads

Search advertising is the most popular used type of paid search marketing. These ads are visible to audiences looking for products and services related to the industry. Search ads are only relevant when used for short sale cycles or one-time promotion campaigns. We recommend search Ads to businesses that target strong and great leads from new customers.

Display Ads

Display pay-per-click Ads are effective in reaching a larger customer base. They appear on Google partner websites, primarily targeting customers who visit websites related to your business, products, or service. Display advertising utilises photos and texts to grab users’ attention. Being Melbourne’s best PPC advertising agency, we work with businesses with extended sale cycles to earn repeat customers.

Social Ads

Social media advertising is increasingly becoming the top service for pay-per-click services. Social Ads are displayed on social media platforms everywhere. They are designed to reach prospective buyers through analytics. These analytics focus on their hobbies, interests, and networks. If you have a wider active social media presence and broadly targeted customers, social media advertising is the best tool for you.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing pay-per-click Ads allow you to reach high-converting customers and increase your turnover. They mostly target people who have visited your landing pages to convince them to convert. Remarketing is also cost-effective because of the low competition and increased targeted customer segments. Online Path ensures smart PPC ad formats and processes that deliver significant results with the PPC campaign.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads appear on Google’s shopping network and target people who search for your products online. These ads are displayed above the main Google search results, where prospective customers can view products before visiting an actual website. Every click you are paying for has the likelihood of converting into an actual sale, considering customers explore all the product offerings on Google shopping Ads.

In-stream Ads

In-stream Ads are pay-per-click Ads shown on YouTube search results, videos, and video partners on display channels. YouTube Ads are specific and present brands in a unique manner. Facebook also features in-stream Ads where businesses can advertise via natural video content.

What Makes Our Google Ads Services Different?

Online Path is a well-known PPC company in Melbourne that offers strategic and result-driven services. Our quantifiable approach to SEM differentiates us from any other Google Ads agency in Melbourne.

Our Expertise

Google and Facebook recognise us for our constant delivery of impressive results to clients. We have a team of qualified PPC management specialists who are well-versed in search engine marketing strategies. We develop strategies to reach and engage an actual audience that makes your business stand out. We develop bespoke strategies from data and tactics, to execute successful Google advertising in Melbourne. This is through using innovative keyword research and competitor analysis tools.

Goal-driven company

We take it upon ourselves to consider your goals and objectives of using a PPC campaign to help you realise your marketing goals through the various metrics at our disposal. Maybe you want to increase sales by a certain percentage or amount, and you must ensure that they are concise, specific, and measurable. If you are clear and specific about your goals, we will guide you on the best resources to invest in.

Professional approach

We get you the results you want to see by creating campaigns that directly approach and connect with your target audience. We can create a campaign that directly targets your audience to increase sales and response rates by defining your audience.

Detailed keyword research

Your marketing campaign is only successful if you have the appropriate keywords for your business, products, and services. The right keywords directly reach an existing audience interested in your products and services. We work closely with you to facilitate keyword research with innovative tools and procedures to ensure your strategy reaches the right audience. The result is that you get traffic to your website that can ultimately convert into sales.


Our PPC Company understands the essence of budgeting while setting up a PPC campaign. Once we identify the right keywords and set a budget for the cost-per-click of the selected keywords, we can create a budget for you, bearing in mind the various variables that impact the cost of the clicks, like converting keywords.

Why We Are the Best PPC agency in Melbourne That Can Get the Job Done

Certified services

We are a Google Partner agency, a Facebook marketing company, and certified in Google Analytics. Our team has also taken Google training and is qualified by Google Display Network, Search Network, and Analytics. Our company is a Google partner and among the first companies to learn about new Google advertising products, which place you ahead of your competition in all aspects.


Analytics is important for any business. That is why we have innovative tools and solution-driven tactics to conduct in-depth research on your business, website, brand, competitors, and keywords. By learning about your competitors, their performance, and what they are doing to achieve results, PPC strategies have a high chance of success. Competitor analysis is the most powerful SEO strategy to discover the competition’s online marketing activities.

We care about your business and treat it like ours, which explains our commitment towards constant improvement. Before presenting your campaign to the market, an efficient Google Ads agency in Melbourne should do thorough testing to make relevant adjustments. The campaign elements would then be monitored and evaluated to ensure they performs best, works toward the objectives, and delivers results as promised.

Proven results

Over the years, Online Path has worked with many satisfied customers. Our track record is clean and beats customer expectations, thus pushing your business beyond the limits.

Impact of PPC Advertising on your Business

A company qualified in PPC advertising in Melbourne, implements targeted keywords that are relatable to your business. People searching for these keywords will see your Ads constantly. These will increase your brand awareness and establish your company as an industry leader.

Another reason to partner with a coming utilising AdWords management in Melbourne, is to reach your business goals. These range from brand exposure, leadership and e-commerce sales. Your conversion goals can be tracked with our metric systems that give desired results.

Pay-per-click Ads can drive traffic to your business because they show up immediately. Save time from developing SEO and growing your organic audience. Once we set up your campaigns, your target landing pages will start getting clicks. The more traffic your website gets, the more sales you make and the higher you move on search result pages.

Many advertisers are now using pay-per-click Ads, including your competitors. You are therefore in a good position to gain new customers. Using this strategy provides potential traffic because you get to be on the same platform as the competition.

A well-managed PPC campaign offers small businesses a higher return on investment than other digital marketing strategies. Our PPC advertising in Melbourne can measure your progress with conversion metrics that are accurate and reliable. You do not have to spend more on pay-per-click campaigns because you can diligently examine what is working or failing.


It depends on your campaign objectives. When using the PPC ad structure, the amount can vary depending on your budget, the traffic you intend to get, and the period you expect the traffic to be generated. When partnering with a reputable agency, it creates and refines Ads that generate high-volume traffic and conversions. These factors lead to an increased return on investment.

Google Ads help your brand appear at the top of search results. With search advertising, you place your bids on the suitable keywords for your business to appear to customers looking for products and services. A targeted approach drives traffic, generates leads, and results in more sales and revenue.

PPC ads focus on search and display advertising, and both differ in how people view their ads. PPC ads that focus on search engines are shown to users who search for specific keywords on a search engine. These ads are displayed above organic SERPs. Display advertising ads are available on numerous blogs, websites, and landing pages linked to an ad publishing program like Google AdSense.

Pay-per-click advertisements — including search, display and video ads — are served on both desktop and mobile search engine platforms, to highly targeted and relevant audiences with the aim of achieving specific conversion goals. Experts in PPC management in Adelaide use a range of strategic tools and tactics to determine relevant keywords and bid on them (for example in the Google search and display networks) to rank your ad in search results with the aim of having your ad delivered to people that are already looking for your product or service.

If you already have a running campaign and are not seeing any results, we are happy to help. You can get a free PPC audit and have an experienced advertiser take over your account and improve the results. These may call for changes in your strategy and focusing ad campaigns on platforms that align with your business or brand.

PPC ads can take around three months to work, but you may start seeing results immediately. The first weeks of the campaign focus on gathering data from the Ads, which is used to enhance keyword targeting, audience targeting, and bids. This includes researching keywords, audiences, and competitors. These can only be used to create an ad campaign that generates leads for you. The ad networks also depend on the quality of your ads which influences their performance in the ad auction. These campaigns, once complete, can successfully generate leads.

The term SEM and PPC marketing are often used interchangeably though slight differences. Search engine marketing (SEM) focuses on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEM includes Google location Ads, Google Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, and Google Display Network. Alternatively, PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a strategy that deals with ad search ad campaigns. You pay for clicks when someone views your Ads from the selected keywords.

Different metrics can be used to determine who will view your Ads. Audience targeting can be done through keywords, geographical locations, general topics, and other demographics. Google Ads can target a specific audience because PPC is a solid marketing tool. After all, it allows control over who views your ads and where they view them.

There are several methods to track the success of your PPC campaigns. Our experts at Online Path track and inform you of the progress. The other way is through Click-through rate (CTR). This captures the number of users who have viewed your ad and clicked on it on the search engine to learn more. Your quality score will show how Google interacts with your Ads and is accounted for by the interaction with the landing page, keywords, and SEO. Analysing the cost per conversion also gives insight into how many conversions you earn from a single ad.
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