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Home » PPC Management Agency in Adelaide For a complete and strategic PPC marketing solution, look no further than the expert team at Online Path. PPC — or pay-per-click — is a fast and cost-effective advertising tool to drive relevant, qualified traffic to your website, and boost sales while maximising your return on ad spend.
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The beauty of PPC ads is that, once ads are set up, they can instantly make a significant difference to your business. With an array of options, setting up PPC campaigns can understandably be overwhelming at the best of times and can be detrimental if not done right, so drawing on the expertise of Online Path, a reputable PPC agency in Adelaide, will expedite the process as we’ll have your ads online in no time. We don’t just get ads online, we look at the whole process from defining goals, budget and audiences, to keyword research, landing pages and content, to make sure you get return on your investment. As part of our commitment to PPC management in Adelaide, we also closely monitor, review and adjust your campaigns to drive the best results.

When planned using data and facts, and implemented strategically, PPC can be a goldmine for your business by reaching people exactly when they are looking for the product or service that your business offers. At Online Path, like any other experienced and reputable agency specialising in PPC management in Adelaide, we know the value of PPC advertising campaigns for a business of any shape and size, and the benefits that PPC can deliver. PPC advertising can be done through a multitude of channels, with the Google search and display networks popular choices for their widespread potential. In addition, social media platforms offer effective PPC advertising options, delivering ads exactly where people spend much of their online time.

PPC marketing — Our analytical approach for your results

Online Path is known for our strategic and results driven pay-per-click services — and we are officially recognised by both Google and Facebook for our expert knowledge and delivering consistently impressive results for our clients. To deliver these results, we have hand-selected a team of certified PPC management Adelaide experts, who have a wealth of experience in search engine marketing strategy. We can create a PPC strategy that will reach and engage with an in-market audience to make your business stand out from your competitors.

We use innovative tools for keyword research, website and competitor analysis, and develop tailored PPC strategies based on data, and tried and tested tactics that stay ahead of trends and get results.

We use innovative tools for keyword research, website and competitor analysis, and develop tailored PPC strategies based on data, and tried and tested tactics that stay ahead of trends and get results.

As a reputable PPC agency in Adelaide, our specialist team will continuously attend to your business needs. There is nothing we do not know or cannot do to trigger growth and sales for your business. Our PPC management services will exceed your expectations no matter where your business is based.

Define goals

Defining what it is you want to achieve through a PPC campaign is an essential first step. Our PPC strategists can help you turn your overall marketing goals into realistic and achievable PPC goals assessed against any number of metrics. Perhaps your goal is to increase sales by a specific dollar amount or percentage‚ whatever the case, your goals must be clear, specific and measurable. Ensuring that your goals are realistic is important — there’s no point in setting unrealistic goals that you’ll never achieve as this can throw your efforts off track if you become disheartened with the results. Being clear about your goals will also help your PPC agency in Adelaide be realistic about the resources you need to invest.

Know and set your target audience

When you create PPC campaigns you must clearly define who you your target audience is to create a campaign that resonates, is effective and produces the results you want to see. If you can define your audience, you can create a highly targeted campaign that connects with your audience and thereby increases your response rate. We use research and analytics, such as Facebook’s Audience Insights and Google Analytics, to develop detailed buyer personas that we then use to effectively target your campaigns based on demographics, interests, desires, and what problems your product can solve.

Advanced keyword research

With more than 3.5 million searches every day on Google alone, it’s essential to your PPC campaign that the most appropriate keywords and phrases for your business are targeted and bid on. When you have the right keywords, it means that your ads will only be served to a qualified audience that are already interested in your product or service. Our experts at PPC management in Adelaide, work closely with our clients and conduct thorough keyword research using innovative tools and processes to ensure that your PPC strategy is reaching the right audience. When we nail your search terms and use other tactics such as negative keywords, we can tap into a goldmine of potential that will drive traffic to your website and because they are qualified, they will be far more likely to convert.

Advertising budget

Setting a precise budget that is aligned with your goals is an important step in planning a PPC campaign. Based on our keyword research and once we’re clear about the average cost-per-click of our selected keywords, we can set a realistic budget for daily and total spends, keeping in mind that there are variables that will influence the cost per click such as high value, converting keywords.

Competitor analysis

Knowing who your competitors are, how they are performing and what they are doing to achieve results is a key step to developing a PPC strategy that works. Our competitor analysis is a powerful SEO strategy that will uncover your competitor’s online marketing and advertising activity — what’s working and what’s not, and how you rate in comparison. Importantly, our competitor analysis will also identify the SEO opportunities that could transform the results of your PPC campaign.

Optimise campaign content

PPC platforms such as Google thrive by providing a good user experience — therefore they are more likely to serve ads that they deem as high-quality and relevant to the audience. It is therefore important to ensure that your campaign content is optimised to your targeted keywords, your audience and your goals. It should be captivating and compelling and have a clear call to action that will stand out in what can be a crowded space.

Google’s quality control also goes beyond the ad copy and into the rest of the buyer journey. As part of your PPC campaign, our experts at PPC management in Adelaide will review and make recommendations to optimise your landing page to ensure it is consistent with your campaign and provides a good user experience so visitors stay on your site and take action.

Monitor marketing campaign

As a high-performing PPC agency in Adelaide, we care about your business as much as we care about our own, so we are committed to continuous improvement. Before we take your campaign to market, we will test and make adjustments. We will monitor and evaluate all elements of your campaigns to ensure it is performing at its best and working to reach the goals and generate the results we agreed you’d see, adjusting along the way where necessary.

Conduct comprehensive campaign audit and restructuring

Our continuous campaign analysis is far more comprehensive than just monitoring the campaign specifics. We’ll always look at the bigger picture and the range of variables that can affect your campaign performance. We’ll look at all of your digital marketing platforms and evaluate how they have been set up, how well they are performing against objectives, and how they can be used better in the future. We’ll also look at the customer funnel and how that may impact your PPC campaign. For example, how well are landing pages working? Can they be improved? With the number of variables that can affect a PPC campaign, it is important to look at all the possibilities.

Return on investment (ROI) tracking

As a high-performing PPC agency in Adelaide, we have proven that our data driven approach to PPC works. A clear benefit of PPC campaigns is that you only pay for the actual results — that is, when people click on your ad. By investing in comprehensive analysis and strategically targeting your campaigns, we can drive an impressive return on your investment when compared to other traditional forms of advertising.

Why choose Online Path for PPC marketing

Online Path is a leader in PPC management in Adelaide. Our clients keep coming back to us because they know we deliver the results they want to see and help grow their businesses in the direction they want. We can:

  • Improve online visibility
  • Increase traffic driven to your website
  • Get more out of your marketing budget
  • Deliver data-driven, measurable outcomes
  • Increase your ROI
  • Deliver transparent and user-friendly reporting.

Certification — Online Path is a Google Partner agency, a Facebook marketing partner and is Google Analytics certified. This means that not only have we demonstrated that we know what we’re doing and deliver consistently impressive results, but our team have successfully completed the rigorous Google training for Google Display Network, Search Network, Analytics and more. Google partners are also the first to find out about new advertising products from Google, giving you a leg up on your competition.

Data driven — We use innovative tools and sophisticated tactics to carry out comprehensive research of your business, brand and website, your competitors and relevant keywords. Our research underpins the development of bespoke PPC strategies, and together with our experience and know-how, we implement strategies that deliver results.

Proven results — Online Path has a long list of happy customers that includes Louvre House, Ellex, Myer Centre Adelaide and UZIT. We have a proven track record of surpassing your desired PPC Adelaide results and boosting your business beyond your expectations.


PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click — on online advertising and marketing strategy that is structured to reach a targeted audience and generate clicks through to your website. This marketing channels is used by experts in PPC management in Adelaide as a low-cost but highly effective marketing tool that yields instant results when done well. PPC will serve ads to a targeted audience based on specific keywords. The ad is only paid for when a user clicks on the ad.

For almost any business, growing your audience and expanding your reach is imperative to your continuing success and future growth. PPC is a perfect approach that works to achieve these and is a key component of any digital marketing strategy — particularly for businesses with limited budgets. Experts in pay-per-click in Adelaide know it is a great way to leverage your advertising budget because, while traditional search engine optimisation and other strategies may take months or even longer to effectively see results, you stand to find success almost immediately with PPC marketing. They’re an excellent and low-cost start for businesses with limited budget.

Pay-per-click advertisements — including search, display and video ads — are served on both desktop and mobile search engine platforms, to highly targeted and relevant audiences with the aim of achieving specific conversion goals. Experts in PPC management in Adelaide use a range of strategic tools and tactics to determine relevant keywords and bid on them (for example in the Google search and display networks) to rank your ad in search results with the aim of having your ad delivered to people that are already looking for your product or service.

Any good PPC agency in Adelaide will tell you that social media has fast become an indispensable part of any digital marketing campaign with its capacity to provide incredible benefits to businesses, such as helping them reach a wider yet more qualified audience. While Google is one of the most popular search platforms, social media also offers almost unlimited capacity to reach highly targeted audiences in a place where they spend a significant portion of their online time. With billions of users worldwide, there is no doubt that social media PPC advertising has the power to reach your customers to build brand visibility and awareness, generate qualified leads and turn them into revenue.

Investing in strategic and well-executed PPC marketing is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Any good PPC agency in Adelaide can tailor and target online ads to a specific audience, appealing to their needs and appetite for your product or service. When it comes to cost, PPC is flexible is budgets and will depend on a number of variables such as goals, keywords and your competition. While you can spend almost as little or as much as you like, it’s best to speak with an agency that specialises in PPC management in Adelaide to map your objectives and goals and explore a budget that will get you there.
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