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Home » Boost Online Sales with a PPC Agency in Perth A business with an online presence can become highly successful because of its PPC strategies. Pay per click advertising is increasingly becoming more profitable and popular among digital marketers. It’s showing quicker results in terms of traffic and lead generation in comparison to Search Engine Optimisation however, limited businesses in Perth are considering PPC as an option due to the cost, complexity, and time intensity. Trusting in a reputable PPC agency in Perth will ensure execution of this task and delivery of the desired results.
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Online Path, a leading digital marketing company in Australia, with a robust presence in Perth, drives results with well-executed PPC campaigns. We develop efficient, data-driven online campaigns after taking the time to understand your audience, goals, competitors, and engagement. Our PPC specialists determine business objectives and goals to create a customised pay-per-click advertising campaign that complements your business’s needs.

Once these campaigns are launched, we continually optimise and measure performance across the world’s leading marketing platforms. You can rest assured that each team member cares about our clients’ needs and listens to you before implementing any procedures. Every business is different, and we bring innovation and versatility to Google advertising in Perth. With Ad management that focuses on data and analytics, we ensure that businesses meet their objectives!

Right Path for Your Audience by our Pay Per Click Services in Perth

Many businesses run Google advertising campaigns to drive traffic. The time-intensive and complex world of PPC makes most businesses give up after even a few weeks. As a leading AdWords agency in Perth, our expert team focuses on improving your reach. We can successfully create custom solutions to help your business reach a larger audience. We evaluate data and employ intensive data analytics on the competition and market trends to help you capture new markets and boost sales.

You no longer have to spend a huge chunk of your profits on advertisements. Developing high-performing PPC campaigns targeting specific audiences that drive more traffic to your business is our forte. We diligently undertake all processes to ensure your pay-per-click advertising delivers results, instantly. Our services have proven to show a quick turnaround, which every business needs.

Whether you are operating a small business or a large enterprise, AdWords management in Perth is the way to go. Our PPC advertising takes these ads directly to where the customers can see them. Any amount you spend will produce positive results through multiple online channels.

Working Process of Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords management involves numerous steps that may be too overwhelming for brands and businesses to tackle themselves. When looking for an agency to handle Google AdWords management in Perth, you must ensure they focus on using tested and proven campaign strategies to deliver results. Working with a qualified AdWords agency to guide you through and oversee your process will ensure you get the best results.

Consider Online Path for your PPC management in Perth. Firstly, we will meet with you to learn more about your business. We consider this to identify your target audience, which guides how we develop the Google Ads campaign. This process is vital for your strategy because it creates the right path prior to keyword research. Once the right keywords have been identified, our PPC campaign team will guide you through keyword grouping to place your ads under certain product categories. When people search for keywords under these groups, your products appear on search results and product listings on PPC ads.

When the campaign strategy has been implemented, we continuously monitor its performance and revenue generation. These scores will determine the high performing ads that should be optimised to boost your online presence. In addition, we develop other campaigns that your audience is likely to interact with. Increased ad performance increases conversion rates which will reflect in your books.

How PPC Advertising Helps With Your Revenue

If your business ROI is not impressive, it is time to consider a PPC company in Perth to increase profitability through lead generation and conversion. Our working relationship with brands has proven that targeting customers willing to spend money on your products can maximise your return on investments.

Improve your revenue by changing your bids to generate more profits and maximise your ad expenditure. We consider the affordability of our services; we utilise all research and data analysis tools to offer Google advertising campaigns that beat the competition and lead the market. Our campaigns are guaranteed to generate leads that maximise your revenue.

A PPC management agency in Perth can use keywords that match ads already published on Google AdWords to include your business. Online Path will also run these ads at the right time to avoid running low-conversion campaigns. With our targets, you will notice an improvement in your revenue and the success of your ads.

How Are You Going With Your PPC Company in Perth?

Many businesses today seek PPC management services, and there are enough companies that deliver these services. However, not every company can deliver what they promise, considering the complexity of Google ads in Perth.

We have experience harnessing keywords to reach the target audiences and generate leads. But before finding out these keywords, we consider your needs which helps us find the right approach to your campaign strategy. We always put you first and implement a custom strategy that meets your business requirements.

Any AdWords company in Perth should be reliable and communicate effectively throughout every step. You should never have trouble analysing and adjusting your own campaign. If your partner does not offer metrics to measure your process, you will be unable to understand the progress of the campaign. At Online Path, we constantly update you on the progress of your campaign and its performance on the various platforms.

If you are uncertain where to start with Google ads in Perth, always consult industry leaders for the best advice. We offer Google AdWords services like pay-per-click ads, AdWords management and Google Ads to utilise all aspects of e-marketing. We can also oversee your campaigns on your behalf and manage them according to your preferences.

Different Types of Pay per Click ad Types Offered by Online Path

Search ads

Search ads are the most popular form of paid PPC ads. This is the best advertising option for businesses starting on PPC advertising. Our PPC advertising agency in Perth will select keywords that will show ads when searched for on the search engine. These ads can be used for the short cycle, especially when targeting new customers to the business.

Display ads

Display ads showcase your products and services to online users browsing the internet. These ads can directly pop up on a search engine when a user searches for a product that your business offers. This campaign strategy uses photos and text to convince users to click on your ad and purchase. As a leading PPC agency in Perth, we work with you side-by-side to create campaigns that increase sales and bring more repeat customers.

Social ads

Besides Google traffic, businesses can leverage social media platforms to generate leads and boost conversion rates. These ads appear on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram. Advertisers with a heavy social media presence can use analytics to discover user hobbies, networks, interests, and purchasing habits.

Remarketing ads

People who have been to your website or landing pages recently can view ad campaigns through remarketing. Once a user has shown interest in your business, product or service, remarketing is the best tool to use. It targets customers who we were close to converting or who have previously bought your products. Remarketing does not face too much competition and can effectively increase target audiences.

Shopping ads

A shopping ad campaign has a picture of the product you sell, the title, price and description. These are shown in a carousel above the search results, where users can view these ads without clicking on a website. Considering there are many products for the customer to view, each click will likely translate to conversions.

How Online Path Google Ads Services are Different from Others?

Save both time and funds by executing a thoroughly researched campaign strategy that does not involve guesswork. Our expertise in Google advertising in Perth focuses on data-driven campaigns to enable seamless implementation from strategy development to execution and optimisation. This guarantees that you get the greatest return on your investment.

We take time to understand you

We know that your company is special, and that is why we treat it like ours. We first take time to understand your business, its customers, and competitors to help you become a market leader. We use the best PPC management tools to monitor and track the performance of campaigns and optimise them regularly to ensure maximum return on investment.

We focus on research and identification

The key to an effective strategy is identifying and understanding the target audience to develop a strong foundation for successful ad campaigns. Considering our experience as an AdWords agency in Perth, we value the time taken to know you, your business, and your audience before starting to search for keywords and research terms, so we know to target your audiences exactly.

We maximise on ad groups

We group our keywords for particular themes like product categories. This is a vital part of running a successful Google Ads campaign. By grouping keywords, we build a foundation for developing ad groups. Ad groups facilitate specific ads to show up when specific keywords are typed in the search engine. Beyond grouping ads, we ensure that the ads compliment the chosen keywords to boost your quality score and display your
ads higher on the SERPs.

We monitor, optimise and improve your campaign

We will always be there with you when your ad campaign is running. We continuously monitor the ad performance through ad clicks, click-through rates, conversions, and keyword quality scores. The high performing ads will then be used to create other ad versions which fit your target audience and maximise your ROI (return on investment).

Why Choose Online Path as your PPC Agency in Perth

To improve your online visibility

Our experts devise a strategy that evaluates your goals and ideas when you work with us. These considerations help us develop a campaign strategy that fits your current market position and helps you grow towards where you want to be. Online Path, a PPC Company in Perth, is a qualified provider of customised advertising campaigns that boost brand awareness and sales while increasing revenue.

To increase traffic to your website

We also have numerous online advertising services tailored to meet your business and brand requirements. These include Google Ads, AdWords PPC management, pay-per-click ads and many more. We guide you and manage your company’s PPC ad expenditure and your AdWords account by targeting keywords that generate traffic to your website. We put more resources on focused keywords research to help you determine the most valuable way to bring more leads. We use analytics and optimisation tools to develop effective PPC search ads that meet your bid.

We are Google Ads certified

Google recognises Online Path as a Google partner, this signifies our skills, knowledge, and expertise in running ad campaigns. Being a Google partner and a reputable PPC company in Perth, we can advise on keyword strategy budget planning while developing, managing, analysing and optimising ads commonly used on the Google search network. We have a clear track record on PPC management which places us in a higher position among other Google ads agencies in Perth.

Data-driven strategies

We invest heavily in innovative tools and proven tactics to execute a comprehensive research on your business, website, competitors and keywords. We understand the need for bespoke PPC campaigns and combined with our experience. Our strategies are sure to deliver great results. We have worked with many brands who have confirmed the efficiency of our services.

How PPC Advertising makes an impact on your business

PPC advertising uses targeted keywords to strategise campaigns that relate to your business. When these keywords are well executed, people using them in their searches will see your ads from time to time. Therefore, you can improve your brand presence and set your business on a path to success. Our AdWords management in Perth will help you reach your goals because we consider your objectives and the market in creating campaigns. Your path to success can be tracked with our metric systems that communicate the reception of your campaign.

Pay-per-click ads also drive more traffic because they appear higher than other search engine results. It saves more time because it leads to more conversions than organic website traffic. Once your ad campaign is set up, your landing pages will receive more traffic. You will get more sales when there is increased traffic on your website, boosting brand awareness.

PPC advertising also boosts revenue for businesses compared to other strategies. These campaigns can be tracked all through to gauge their performance. We use conversion metrics to track your progress and adjust areas that need improvement for successful clicks.


Pay-per-click management involves managing and overseeing a brand’s PPC ad spend. This includes strategies and ad buys while controlling the overall expenditure. This is usually done by a PPC management agency in Perth that manages these bids on behalf of advertisers. Companies only have to pay for ads with clicks which helps reduce excessive spending on online AdWords campaigns. PPC ads are targeted to an audience through specific keywords, which can show up when specific keywords are searched online.

There are many ways to optimise PPC campaigns to make them more effective. The most common is researching keywords. A PPC agency in Perth can help you bid on keywords actively used on the internet for successful conversion. Even though keywords change all the time, our team constantly keeps track of them to update your campaign. A/B testing with landing pages and ad copies also optimises campaigns to ensure that you effectively target your audience with responsive ads.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is extremely effective because you only pay for the campaign when a customer clicks on your website. This can be value for money, and you can spend any amount you wish on advertising. You also choose a targeted audience depending on demographics, engagement and interests to trigger a positive ad response. These ad campaigns are also measurable through various metrics to determine the return on investment. While running your campaigns, you can also view their performance and make minor adjustments to improve their effectiveness. Once everything in the checklist is considered, your strategy will begin showing results immediately in comparison to SEO campaigns that may take longer to show results.

Pay-per-click services combine ads targeting specific platforms and strategies to reach a wider audience. Search ads are PPC campaign services that show up on search results when specific keywords are triggered in a search. These are effective when looking for new customers because your business will likely appear among the selected ads. Display ads appear on Google searches as carousels that display your product, the prices, description and availability. These ads have a higher chance of success because clients can purchase your products once they choose your website over the others. Social ads are shown on social media platforms where users who spend time online can view them from time to time. They use analytics to identify specific ads that people have a high chance of clicking on.

Even though you can run a PPC campaign on your own, it is not easy. There are many steps and processes involved, so strategising is essential. By hiring a PPC expert, you get to work with an experienced team that can guide you through the complex steps. Google shopping experts allow you to form a working relationship with a specialist who has extensive knowledge of using the Google shopping ad platform. You will also be assisted by working with multiple Google shopping campaigns to generate traffic that leads to conversions.

There are numerous PPC agencies you can work with within Melbourne, and you need to choose the right one for your business. Try to consider a Google advertising agency in Perth that specialises in the specific campaigns you are interested in. The agency should understand your industry and create ads that give results. You should therefore consider the following:
  • Their areas of specialty
  • Features that make them stand out among the rest
  • Why do you think they will deliver
  • How much they charge for their services
  • Positive and negative remarks about their business

The cost of PPC ads depends on the campaign you want to run. You can consider your budget, ad platforms and how much you want to bid for every keyword. The price depends on the bid and quality score of the ad. For competitive industries, the price for each bid could be upwards of $50, but you will receive a substantial amount of traffic. Other platforms may only cost $1 per click.
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