Powered by more than 630 million professionals globally and with Australian users spending more than 10 minutes every day on the platform, LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most powerful ways to reach a network of professionals and has helped businesses attain incredible results when it comes to scoring new leads, clients and revenue.

LinkedIn is one of the most robust content distribution platforms that strategically understands their audience. However, like all social platforms it can contain a lot of noise—from fluff and self-promotion to endless attempts at reinventing the social communication wheel.

The trick to successfully marketing on LinkedIn lies in following some simple strategies that will help you target your messages and ads to those who are truly interested and subsequently boost your click through rates (CTRs).

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Ways to Increase CTR on LinkedIn

Let’s look at eight simple tricks that will help to increase your CTR on LinkedIn while spinning a fresher perspective on your ads and without burning a hole in your budget.

When it comes to advertising on LinkedIn, it is well known that consumers engage more with personalised communication, tailored to their interests and preferences—meaning dynamic ads are more likely to result in a higher CTR.

However, if in doubt always revert to a professional tone for a successful LinkedIn ad campaign. Keep your copy clean, condensed and consistent, and always check for any spelling or content errors.

Creating a content calendar for a range of LinkedIn ad formats—such as text, image or dynamic ad campaigns—is highly recommended. Consistently publishing engaging posts and ads helps to build brand recognition and engagement, which in turn increases CTR.

Also, remember to rest your ads so your audience doesn’t get bored. You can always re-launch them at a later stage.

It’s an old theory that still stands the test of time—posting eye-catching, professional photographs can help increase your CTR.

The right photo can stand out, help convey your message and, if it resonates with your readers, can result in more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. When you are posting professional photos of yourself, whether with colleagues or while giving presentations, increased engagement and CTR is generally the result.

Don’t be afraid to let your pictures reveal your professional personality—this will increase your appeal, engagement levels and your LinkedIn following and networks.

Engaging and interacting with others is a great way to increase your own profile, following and CTR on LinkedIn.

Commenting, opening conversations and asking relevant and pertinent questions can help you on two fronts—demonstrating your knowledge and gently introducing yourself to new connections.

Another approach is to bust common myths in your field of expertise. Create an open communication and demonstrate your knowledge and experience. By differentiating white noise from reality you can leave a lasting impression in a contact’s mind of you as an expert.

A successful CTR must be determined by using A/B testing on your ads. Once you start doing this, you will be amazed to learn how simple tweaks in punctuation, using numerals rather than words or rephrasing a call-to-action button can boost your CTR.

In addition to this, using slight variations in headline copy or placing an emotionally resonant image in your ad helps to gather conclusive data on what elements to use in future campaigns in order to increase your CTR. All it takes is a consistent trial and error method to understand which versions of your advertisements are most effective.

While healthy user engagement on LinkedIn can lead to success, the key lies in being aware of the times when people are active on the platform. Posting content at irregular timings will lead to fewer views and lower visibility.

Studies have revealed that the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 9am and 10am as professionals are more likely to be active and engaged with social media content at the start of their working day.

Understanding your audience by spending time getting to know them is a sure-fire way of attracting impressive CTRs. Use their language, show empathy and provide product or service information in a way that relates to them.

Understand your business from your customer’s perspective. It will help you find out what works for them while selling your product/services. Delivering in a way that meets your customers’ requirements is the best way to leverage higher CTRs at every opportunity.

Targeting groups that are relevant to your audience helps in unearthing similar interests, inclinations, likes and dislikes. This allows you to personally identify with a niche audience that may be directly interested in your brand, product or service offering. It will naturally attract more engagement and can help you achieve a higher CTR.


CTR is the classic performance metric that is directly linked with your ability to meet specific business goals.

If you can apply some or all of the strategies mentioned above to your LinkedIn campaigns, you will start to see results that just aren’t possible on other platforms.

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