Maximise your Sales Potential: 12 Proven Google Ads Tips to Boost Revenue

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) makes your business visible to customers at the exact moment they are looking to buy what you sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or a service. It makes no difference if your company is tiny or medium-sized. It makes no difference whether you rely on consumers visiting your physical or online store, Google Ads can bring in new clients for your business.
  • Mel Gibbons

    5 May, 2023

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Invaluable Tips to Use Google Ads to Drive More Revenue

Struggling to see results from your Google AdWords campaigns? Here are 12 invaluable tips from our seasoned SEO agency in Adelaide to boost your Google Ads and drive sales.

  1. Establish Clear Goals

Start by defining your objectives and focus your efforts on highlighting key products or services. Consider factors like introducing new products, clearing unsold stock, or boosting sales of high-margin items. To find your most successful products, try publishing all, or a subset of your inventory, on Google Shopping. The results will most likely surprise you! A product category that is not performing organically might significantly benefit from Search Engine Advertising.

  1. Select Relevant Key Words

Selecting the right keywords is crucial to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience and drive meaningful results. Drawing insights from the comprehensive guide to Google Ads provided, it’s essential to think like your target audience and conduct thorough keyword research. By understanding the search terms your potential customers use, you can tailor your ad campaigns to appear when and where it matters most, maximising your chances of success.

  1. Align your AdWords Account Structure with Website Design

Customers must find your items quickly and easily if you don’t want to lose them to the competition. Make sure your landing pages match the ad content, keywords, and the action you want visitors to take. Remember the following equation: 1 search = 1 advertisement = 1 landing page (URL).

  1. Create Effective Advertisements

Craft compelling ads that captivate your audience and drive action by incorporating keywords into headlines, utilising strong calls to action, capitalising keywords for emphasis, experimenting with different ad versions, and leveraging ad extensions to provide additional information about your organisation and its services. These strategies, ensure your ads stand out, increase relevance, and drive higher click-through rates and conversions, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue for your business.

  1. Post your adverts at the appropriate time and location.

With Google AdWords, you leverage data about users’ behaviours, profiles, and intentions to establish your keywords, which serve as the centrepiece of your marketing plan. Extend this approach to locations by scheduling advertising to appear in specific geographic areas and at certain times.

  1. Determine your return on investment (ROI) 

Google AdWords allows you to assess the return on investment for each dollar spent on a campaign. A positive ROI will enable you to manage your budget in an entirely new approach. By analysing the outcomes of your campaigns, you will be able to determine where your margins are being maximised. Your ROI on Google Ads campaigns will be affected by factors such as click-through rate, and cost per click and quality score.

  1. Test Your Advertising – Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Create three distinct advertisements that are all targeted at the exact same keywords and distribute them at the same time to see which ones receive the most traffic and results in the most purchases. Keeping the top performing ad will raise your click through rate and quality score while decreasing your cost-per-click.

  1. Improve your Website’s Performance

If you understand how to evaluate Google AdWords and Google Analytics data, you will be able to predict what customers want and meet the demand. The data is available to help you respond quickly: alter your photographs, test a fresh product page catch-line, or test your call to action. Your campaigns should test everything, and only what works should be kept.

  1. Optimise your ad placement for the most profit.

Google AdWords includes four paid advertising slots that appear at the top of search results for users. Adjust your bids with your Google ads agency to acquire the spot with the best cost-per-click performance.

  1. Utilise Google Shopping

Combine text ads with Product Ads and Google Shopping campaigns to expand your reach and boost online sales. Leverage the power of visual product listings to attract shoppers and increase conversions. Google Shopping traditionally has a higher click through and conversion rate than search, as customers can see and compare product images, pricing, shipping costs etc, before clicking on your ad.

  1. Utilise Re-marketing to strengthen your brand’s presence and client loyalty.

Reconnect with previous visitors by using re-marketing tactics. Show tailored ads to users who have already engaged with your site, reinforcing your brand, and encouraging repeat purchases. You have probably observed that you come across advertising banners displaying deals you have seen on other sites when browsing. This is known as re-marketing; it is a method that Google has been perfecting over the last few years. Google re-marketing allows you to show tailored adverts to recent visitors using Google Dynamic Ads linked to your Google Shopping stream.

  1. Use Banners to Reach out to more people.

Extend your reach beyond search results by utilising banner ads on the Google Display Network. Tap into millions of partner websites to reach a broader audience and drive brand awareness, The Google display network, which has millions of partner websites, news feeds, and websites such as Gmail, YouTube, etc., reaches 90% of all internet users globally – a potential for growth that is difficult to ignore.

Are you ready to increase your sales with Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is an effective way to not only drive traffic to your website and will ensure it is the right traffic when expertly managed. If you want some guidance or to hand over your Google AdWords to capable hands and strategic minds, then contact Online Path for an obligation free chat.


With these steps in mind, you should be able to define a basic Google Ads to Drive More Revenue.

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