Increase Conversions with Landing Page Optimisation

The backbone of any digital marketing campaign is an effective landing page. Without it, your PPC campaign is destined to suffer no matter how refined your offering is or how perfectly optimised your Google ads are. Essentially, it’s your landing page that will convert traffic to sales. If you’ve mastered the art of driving traffic, fine-tuning your landing pages for conversions is often an untapped opportunity for success. Have you considered your conversion rate? Or how much attention you’re giving landing pages?  
  • Mel Gibbons

    18 February, 2020

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Optimising for Conversions

Landing pages are inherently purposed for people to take an action. Optimising your landing pages for conversions is the process of enabling your visitors to take an action that a landing page on your website is designed to encourage. By considering, designing and modifying particular elements of your landing page you can vastly increase the chance that visitors will convert from a lead into a sale before they leave.

As a long-term process, optimising for conversions on your landing pages can create sustainable and consistent results without having to drive more traffic.

A stitch in time saves nine

As the saying goes, if you sort things out now it will save time later—and in this case it will also set you up for conversion success. As a leading digital marketing agency in Adelaide, we have put together our nine best google ads tips for optimising your landing pages.

1. A strong headline.

Relevant to and consistent with campaign keyword and ad text so the visitor makes the connection and feels compelled to stay.

2. Concise and convincing copy

Cut the fluff and focus only on what needs to be said. The more distractions there are or the harder it is for your visitors to get the information they need, the less likely they will be to take the action you want them to.

3. Clean and attractive design

The design of your landing page and website, including the navigation, should reflect your brand and brand values.

4. Call to action

Further to ensuring a clean and clutter-free design, your call to action should be clear, eye catching and clickable. Make it simple for people to take the actions you want them to.

5. Consistency is key

From ad to landing page and the destination site, your message—words, tone and visuals—should present consistently. Remember that your ad as the source sets the expectation for your customer, so make sure your deliver.

6. Display a phone number

Providing an easy to find phone number, local if relevant, will demonstrate that your business is legitimate and that there are real people only a phone call away. It’s also a good alternative for people who aren’t comfortable making online transactions but want to take advantage of your offer.

7. Instant messaging

By using a messaging tool you can chat with your visitor in real time. When added to high-performing landing pages they can help leads convert rather than leave. Instant messaging can also be used proactively to reach out when someone has say, been on your landing page for more than a minute, you can jump in and say hi. Carefully consider your ability to respond quickly before implementing such a tool.

8. User-friendly forms

If your landing page includes a form to register, sign up or get more information, make sure it’s easy to complete, only asks for relevant information and of course, works!

9. Use pop ups at your own risk

There’s not much to say here other than pop ups can be distracting, annoying and deter visitors from staying on your website.

Benefits of focusing on converting traffic on landing pages

  • Learn about your visitor behaviour to refine your customer journey.
  • Understand more about your customers and how to meet their needs.
  • Improve your website for content and user experience.
  • Tailor your offering and messages.
  • Secure more qualified leads by reaching the right prospects.
  • Increase revenue with higher conversion rates.
  • Potentially decrease advertising costs by leveraging the traffic you already have.
  • Strengthen your brand with design, copy and experience improvements.
  • Sustainable and continual growth.

Where to start

It’s easy to see that mastering your landing pages will ultimately set you up for success and drive the results that you want to see from your paid advertising campaigns. If you need some extra hands to refine your landing pages or have some ideas but don’t know where to start, contact our team of digital strategists for an obligation free chat. Optimising your landing pages could be the missing piece of your puzzle.

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