Are You Prepared for Christmas?

Christmas could be your busiest, or your quietest time, we go from being astounded it’s the 1st of December, and then before we know it, the 24th is upon us! Here’s some quick tips on how to make sure you’re ready for the holiday season!  
  • Mel Gibbons

    1 December, 2021

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Be happy and get festive

If you’ve never needed an excuse, this year is most definitely the time to spread a little more cheer than normal with those around you. Put up some decorations, host a small event, share small gifts, add a festive touch to your packaging or staff uniform or send a festive message to those you work with.

Christmas can be costly

Be it staff or client gifts, the staff lunch, client coffees, stocking up ahead of time or additional wages for holiday rates, remember the expenses that go with being festive and plan for them.

Holiday trading/opening hours/public holidays

  • There’s plenty of mid-week public holidays this season meaning there’s good opportunity for a couple of days off that’ll make more than a week in some cases without people around, so plan for it and be aware of it.
  • If you need skeleton staff, make sure you’ve got it covered well in advance. If you need all hands on deck, make sure that’s sorted too
  • Be it your customers or suppliers, communicate with those reliant on you so they can also plan ahead or not disappointed if you’re not around. Add hours to your website, post them on social media, add signage in-store or update your email signature.
  • Ensure you know the operational hours of other businesses you rely on so your business is not left short – be it ordering plenty of stock ahead of time, or knowing that you can contact someone if you need to.
  • Consider there’ll be some changes or delays with deliveries, understand what they are and how it will impact your business.
  • Don’t forget payroll, end of month or even end of FY for some, plan ahead for that too.

Rethink your marketing

Do you need to boost your marketing in the leadup to your busiest time? Do you need to pause it because you won’t be around? Do you need to update your call to action on messaging? What messages are live on a day your business isn’t operating? Can you plan ahead with scheduling social media or blogs or newsletters? Be prepared, look prepared, don’t get into a position where you’re having to do last minute changes.

Recognise your staff

Those around you are your most important asset, take time to thank them.

Breathe a little

Appreciate this a hectic time of year for everyone, both on a business and personal level, we’re all going to be time poor, perhaps reconsider meetings, postpone until the new year or change the way you have them.

Take advantage of down time if you get it

For those that can enjoy the calm of this period, use it to plan ahead, clean the office, clear up your inbox, purge or simply get the jobs done that have been on your to-do list for too long.

Did we mention – be happy?

Rest, enjoy a break if you can, stay safe and healthy.

From all of us here at Online Path, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year.

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