Common Google Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like any Google Ads manager, I made mistakes when I was starting out! Luckily there is heaps of Google Ads assistance out there if you have the time to find it. If you are starting out on google ads for your business, here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid to save money and create effective ad campaigns.
  • Mel Gibbons

    14 September, 2018

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Directing traffic to your home page

Direct potential customers to the most relevant page for their search term. If your ad is for “ladies black boots” then the landing page for your ad should show your range of ladies black boots.

Adding too many keywords

Google’s keyword suggestions are fantastic. But if you blindly add every suggestion into your ad groups you will end up with a messy account and ads that are not relevant.

Keep your ad groups centered around a close group of keywords and create a targeted ad for them.

Creating only one ad per ad group

When you create your ad groups, make sure you create more than one ad. They don’t have to be completely different. Make small changes to the headline, the call to action or the display URL.

Why do you need more than one ad?

Google will compete your ads against each other, so you will be able to monitor what is successful and refine your ads to get the best click through rates through google ads conversion tracking.

Choosing search with display select campaigns

Yes, it’s an option provided by Google and it might seem like it will get your ads seen more people. But the search and display networks work very differently. Unless you have a decent budget for ads and you know how to properly target your display ads, you could find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on wasted clicks because your ads are showing on the wrong sites.

Messy Accounts

When you start your account, think about how to set is up logically. (I recommend following the structure of your website.) Otherwise you will end up with a messy account that is hard to manage. It could also result in the same keywords competing in different ad groups.

If you’re not getting the results you want, contact Online Path — a certified Google Ads and display advertising agency — and get professional Google Ads assistance from someone who has already learnt from these mistakes and more.

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