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Following its launch into the Australian market in early 2017, global retail giant Amazon now offers highly targeted display adverting solutions for advertisers—regardless of whether or not they sell on Amazon.
  • Mel Gibbons

    21 April, 2020

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Put Your Brand Where Your Customers Are

Powered by a mountain of behavioural buying data, advertisers can use Amazon—one of the world’s most prolific shopping platforms—to deliver relevant messages to a highly defined target audience at all stages of the customer journey.

No Amazon store, no matter

We said it once and we’ll say it again. You don’t have to sell on Amazon to advertise on Amazon and take advantage of their ecommerce digital marketing opportunities.

Amazon provides the perfect platform for any business to promote their products or services to people who are making related product and service searches—ideal if you have your own e-commerce or bricks and mortar store and want to tap into customers shopping on Amazon.

Similarly, you can use Amazon’s display advertising for cross promotion. For example, a landscaper could leverage the opportunity to promote their services to people searching for gardening tools and products. Or a physiotherapist could target Amazon customers searching for home massage and therapy products. The opportunities are endless.

Get discovered and grow sales

Amazon advertising solutions will help you find, attract and engage millions of Amazon customers through two different categories of ads available on their self-service ad platform.

Display ads

Available in a variety of formats, display ads can be served on mobile and desktop, as well as on sites and apps not owned by Amazon. Display ads can be purchased by businesses and brands whether or not they sell products on Amazon to drive customers to a product page, Amazon store, custom landing page or external website. Use your own creative to deliver messages that inspire users to take action, or let Amazon build ads for you.

Display ads are sold on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis and prices can vary depending on ad format and placement.

Video ads

Combine image, audio and motion to share powerful brand messages or product and service demonstrations with your target audience in trusted environments across the web. Video marketing ads can be purchased by businesses and brands whether or not they sell products on Amazon and can be served on mobile and desktop, as well as on sites not owned by Amazon. Clickable video ads will drive customers to Amazon product pages, custom landing page or external websites.

Pricing for video ads varies depending on format and placement — an expert in video marketing in Adelaide can help you determine the best solution for your budget and objective.

For those selling on Amazon, even more advertising options are at your fingertips.

Reach, Inspire and Engage Customers

Amazon’s rich and growing database of consumer behaviour and purchase insights is a powerful tool that can help you reach your ideal audiences on and off Amazon, whether they’re browsing on their desktop or shopping on their mobile.

Leave the hard yards to us

We stay on top of e-commerce trends to make sure our tailored strategies reach the right audience and exceed performance expectations. Our experienced team can develop a customised campaign utilising Amazon shopper insights and behaviours to put your brand front and centre on one of the most successful retail platforms. Contact us for a bespoke strategy that will boost your business and have you outperforming your competitors.

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