Mobile Optimisation: Boost Your Website With These 5 Tips

You have probably heard terms like mobile optimisation and responsive design before, but if you are new to web design or have let others handle it for you in the past, you might not know what these terms mean. You might also not be sure how they impact your business. With mobile performance being a key ranking factor for search engines like Google, it is hugely important to ensure that your site is optimised for mobile users, to ensure it delivers readers, subscribers, sales, or whatever type of conversions you are looking for.
  • Mel Gibbons

    24 January, 2022

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First, what is a mobile optimised website?

Before you jump into investing SEO services in Adelaide to get optimise your website, it is important to understand what mobile accessibility means.

You may have also heard this optimisation referred to as a responsive website. This simply means that the site responds to the type of device or screen that is displaying it. This may mean rearranging text, images, or even moving or omitting certain web design elements depending on the size and style of display. Regardless of what responsive design means for an individual site, it should happen automatically, without a consumer having to stop browsing to adjust their view.

Why is mobile accessibility important today?

Did you know that the majority of web use today happens on mobile devices? While that might not seem surprising, the actual statistics may shock you. Sources differ on how many people use their phones rather than traditional computers to access websites today. However, experts agree that anywhere from 60-70% of everyday web traffic happens on smartphones and other mobile devices.

That is why mobile-friendly web design is so important. If your readers or shoppers are on their phones, your site must be built with phone or mobile device users in mind. Otherwise, browsing will be frustrating, challenging, and off-putting – and your sales or readership will reflect that.
Still not convinced?

Here are five significant reasons why your site needs to be optimised for mobile browsing:

Mobile accessibility is a factor for Google ranking

You don’t necessarily have to partner with a Google ads agency to fine-tune your Google ranking. Instead, you might be able to give your rank a serious boost just by adjusting your mobile web design.

As of 2015, websites are given preference in Google rankings if they are easier for mobile web browsers to access and utilise. This means that your site will be organically served more often in search results to consumers who are already looking for your type of content, products, or services. Get your mobile accessibility in order, and you should see an improvement in your Google rank over time.

Ease of use and access

Given that most web browsing happens on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices today, having a site that accommodates that is just good business sense. It is also good for customer relations, as it allows your customers, readers, or anyone else who visits your site to do so comfortably. This improves the overall experience of visiting your site – something that can go a long way in endearing your brand to your site’s visitors!

Lower bounce rates

Have you ever clicked on a link and opened a page only to find that it was not at all what you were looking for? You probably left that site fairly quickly, didn’t you? That is referred to as “bouncing”, and if you are trying to attract and keep readers or shoppers on your site, decreasing your bounce rate is imperative.

What can you do to decrease the bounce rate on your website? Having a site that is easy to access and use for all visitors is the first step. It is also one of the most important.

Think back to the example from a moment ago, when you thought about a site you visited and did not browse long. Did the web design bother you? Was it challenging to read, did the images not fit the page, or did you encounter other responsive design flaws? This is not only a common reason for bouncing from a site, but an entirely avoidable one.

Readers will be wowed when they land on your site with an excellent responsive web design. That first impression can mean the difference between keeping your reader and losing them to a competitor, so locking down a mobile-friendly design can also mean locking in a sale or subscriber.

Higher conversion rates

Just as a person who enjoys their visit to your site is less likely to leave, so too are they more likely to stay and purchase something or sign up for an incentive.

Whatever your goal is when someone visits your site, you can rely on solid web design to help you get there. A sleek, user-friendly mobile design for your shop will make people more eager to browse your products and find something they like. Text that is easy to read and share will make your blog more popular and help you create more loyal readers. Just about any conversion can be increased with the right mobile-friendly design.

More consumer satisfaction and higher return rates

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you want your readers to return to your site. This is true regardless of the content you are sharing, be it text-based or eCommerce. Thankfully, having a mobile-accessible site increases the chances of those readers and shoppers returning – and being more satisfied with their stay after visiting your site!

Getting your site ready for mobile-friendly browsing

Not sure if your website is mobile accessible? Not sure what to do to fix it if it isn’t? Working with a provider of SEO services in Adelaide can help you quickly sort out what your site needs to get it up to speed and deliver the best possible experience to your consumers. You don’t have to be an expert – you just have to be willing to implement the strategies they outline for you.

Don’t let the traffic and business you deserve go to your competitors. Tune-up your mobile accessibility and see your site skyrocket this year!


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