Why Investing in SEO is Important in 2022

As the New Year approaches, many businesses are beginning to think about what 2022 will bring. A myriad of questions will be floating in the minds of business owners, marketing heads and sales and management teams. One question at the top of people’s minds is – Should we invest in Search Engine Optimisation in 2022? Does this marketing strategy still work? As leaders in the digital space in Australia, we can tell you with confidence, that you will need SEO in 2022 just as much – or even more – than you needed it in 2021. With all that has happened in the past two years, people today are now even more used to browsing and shopping online. They are constantly searching and visiting with sites that are visible on the top of the search engine result pages. That is why, as a business, you need to optimise your website and its content to improve ranking and increase your share of this traffic.
  • Mel Gibbons

    22 November, 2021

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Just remember, building a website is not enough; you need to understand the nitty-gritty of SEO to optimise your website to achieve your marketing objective – driving higher traffic to the website and engaging them with brilliant, converting content. For instance, developing an SEO strategy will involve:

  1. Setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  2. Adopting technical SEO practices including; definitive URL structures, improving the site structure, making it mobile-friendly etc.
  3. Researching your audience and doing competitor analysis
  4. Finding the right keywords
  5. Developing on and off-page strategies.

Advantages of investing in SEO in 2022

In the last decade, the need for SEO in Adelaide and other Australian cities reached new heights as most businesses realised the importance of catering to search engine algorithms. The need to cater to search engines will continue in 2022. Without SEO, your website may not appear at the top of the search engine result pages.

But what if you are only a small local business? 86% of people refer to the Internet to learn about local businesses. Whether you are a small local café, hairdresser or electrician there a local SEO practices that are essential to running a successful business. Local SEO in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and other cities is helping businesses small and large to thrive in today’s digital first world.

SEO will help you generate more leads

Search engine optimisation and lead generation are two distinct digital marketing strategies. SEO involves optimising multiple aspects of your website for it to rank higher and improve web traffic. On the other hand, lead generation refers to enhancing the number of potential prospects for your business. A well-planned and executed SEO strategy can positively impact your lead generation efforts. Experienced SEO consultants will help you to choose the right keywords for 2022 with relevant data and metrics.

How Can SEO Improve Sales in 2022?

Consumers are intelligent. They know how to research online to find products they need or solutions to their problems. With SEO-related content and an SEO-optimised website, you can show how your products and services can help them. This optimisation allows you to plan the customer journey and encourage them through to the bottom of the sales funnel.

For example, you offer legal consultancy services. Your SEO content will focus on the type of services offered, cost of the services, quickness of solutions, etc. The website will show potential customers the different solutions, how to approach you, the associated costs and a call to action that results in securing a client. A lead, thus, has the potential to turn into a loyal customer.

As mentioned above, simply building a website is not enough. Similarly, creating content is not enough. You can leverage SEO strategies to create an engaging and interactive website with a simple, practical user experience that is easily discoverable. Your SEO strategies also include getting authoritative websites to link your web pages, products, services, blog posts, etc., that positively impact the brand’s reputation.

SEO is a cost-effective investment

The cost of an SEO-optimised strategy is far less than some other display marketing and ppc advertising strategies. While all these are important, a holistic marketing strategy will include a budget for SEO in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, or any other city in 2022.

To ensure your SEO strategy delivers a high return on investment, you need to partner with agencies that provide advanced and local SEO services. Agencies have experts who understand local and country-level SEO requirements. They are prepared for the many changes Google may undertake in 2022 and counter any effects on your website’s ranking.

Marketing on Social Media is no longer enough

Did you know that for many businesses, social media contributes barely 5% of all traffic their website gets? But, organic search accounts for nearly 51% of the traffic. Knowing these statistics is essential for marketers and business owners when planning their 2022 budgets. Social media is a great way to initiate conversations and create brand awareness, however, even the most prominent presence on social media platforms will have no direct impact on your search rankings. Google’s search engines only take into account measurable data. Also, it isolates social from search rankings because it doesn’t have access to social media measurements. Therefore, you’ll need an SEO strategy if you want to rank well in the SERPs.


You have to spend time and money to develop and execute an effective marketing plan. Hence, choosing between pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation is a difficult decision to make without understanding how each of them works.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) may propel you to the top of the search results, far ahead of your competitors. SEO is a long-term strategy and can take some time to show positive results, but it can be more effective in the long run.

On the other hand, PPC (which stands for pay-per-click advertising) such as Google Ads allows you to build PPC ads that display above organic content in search engine results pages or SERPs; above both your competitors’ and your organic content. PPC is perfect for running a campaign that requires near-immediate results.

The top SEO and PPC agencies in Adelaide will help you discover which strategy will help you achieve your objectives or ensure that your SEO and PPC efforts complement each other for the most effective results.


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