Music is the soundtrack to many people’s lives— they use it to energise, relax, focus, work out, party and everything in between. They stream it, they play it through iPods and on CDs—even vinyl is enjoying a resurgence.

Audio surrounds people all day long. And smart marketers are using Spotify to get their message in front of audiences as they stream the music they love.

You are what you stream

With more than 191 million monthly active users, Spotify is the world’s largest global music subscription service.

Based on a ‘freemium’ model, Spotify offers free and paid subscription options, with 129 million monthly active users listening for an average of 2.5 hours a day, on an ad-supported platform.

Music is inherently personal and emotional and can fuel insights beyond basic demographics to reflect moods, moments and mindsets. Imagine being able to tap into a database of this calibre and target your ads to audiences that matter.

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Through their subscriber demographics, listening behaviours and music tastes, Spotify offers granular targeting so you can reach the right people at the right time.

Reach the right audience
Define exactly whose ears you want to deliver your message to with a range of demographic targeting options.

  • Age and gender
  • Language as specified in app preferences
  • Interest-based audience segments derived from streaming habits and music tastes, including entertainment, health & Fitness, lifestyle, family status and tech/telco.

Be there in the right context
Not only can you target your audience by demographic data, you can deliver your messages according to their mood, listening behaviours, platforms, location and the right time of day.

  • Connect with people who are listening to music tailored to specific activities and moods through playlists.
  • Deliver your message after a user has listened to a specific genre.
  • Serve your ads to users based on their platform (eg app, mobile OS, device or carrier)
  • Reach listeners in a specific country, region, city or place based on location insights.
  • Reach your audience at the right time of day to suit your messaging.

Types of ads

Spotify listeners on the ad-supported platform hear 15–30 second audio ads at naturally occurring breaks between songs.

Spotify advertising is open to, and suitable for, businesses of all shapes and sizes. With minimum spend starting at $250, Spotify advertising is accessible for just about any budget—and gets results.

Back to basics
Tap into the power of audio ads using Spotify’s self-serve ad platform that makes setting up campaigns as easy as 1, 2, 3. With Ad Studio, you can:

  • Create your ad
    Simply supply the script and Spotify will make your message sing. They will record a voiceover, mix the music and produce the ad at no extra cost. You can even use a companion image.
  • Define your audience
    Reach your listeners based on a range of demographics, listening behaviours and music tastes to make sure your ad gets heard in the right context.
  • Customise your campaign
    Simply set your budget and campaign dates and flick the switch.
  • Track the results
    Watch as people engage with your ad and manage all campaign reporting.

Ad Studio campaigns start at a minimum of $250 but the final cost of your ad campaign can vary depending on your targeting selections.

Premium coverage
Maximise your brand impact and make sure your messages are seen and heard with audio, video and display advertising options. Premium advertising options require a minimum investment of $15,000.


Spotify’s Audio Everywhere package allows you to reach your audience where visual media can’t—from headphones to the car—and at any moment during the day.

Audio ads are served between songs during active listening sessions and are accompanied by a clickable companion display unit to drive traffic to a URL destination.

Available platforms
Mobile, tablet, desktop, web, PlayStation®, Chromecast, and select connected TVs.


Sponsored sessions and video takeovers will help you tell your story with sight, sound and motion.

Sponsored Session

Engaging with your brand becomes a gateway to an enhanced streaming experience for Spotify users by offering mobile and tablet users the opportunity to access 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for viewing your video. At the end of your video, you can invite viewers to further engage with your brand using a clickable display unit before they initiate their ad-free session.

Available platforms
Mobile and tablet

Video Takeover Everywhere
Your message is served to listeners between songs during ad breaks and includes a clickable companion display unit to extend the engagement of your campaign. With Video Takeovers your brand has access to a premium app experience where all ads are delivered to logged-in users when they’re engaged and the app is in view.

Available platforms
Mobile and desktop


Using homepage banners and takeovers, and mobile and desktop overlays, you can put your brand front and centre with ads designed for viewability.

Get your brand noticed in an environment where your ad is the only one shown for 30 seconds. These clickable display units are served when Spotify is the top app on the screen.

Available platforms
Desktop and web app

Showcase your brand message on the Spotify homepage for 24 hours. This rich media and clickable display unit can also include interactive elements to future capture interest and drive engagement.

Available platforms
Desktop only


Ensure your brand makes maximum impact using this clickable display unit that drives traffic to your destination URL.

On mobile overlay stays on the screen until the user engages with the ad or swipes it away. Choose from 13 call-to-action buttons to increase engagement.

On desktop, the overlay stays in full-screen mode until the user engages with the ad; clicks the X or somewhere within the Spotify app; or after it has been displayed for 30 seconds.

Available platforms
Mobile and desktop


Amplify your brand, maximise brand awareness and connect with listeners by exclusively sponsoring Spotify’s top real estate—owned and operated playlists. Premium brand placement is complemented by surrounding listeners with audio or video messages in every ad break.

Available platforms
Mobile and desktop

Surround your audience

From a morning run and commute to work, to cooking dinner, socialising at barbecues and celebrating birthdays, Spotify has the power to reach people in screenless moments and where traditional visual media can’t.

With cost-effective placements from as low as 4c per listen, and powerful reach and engagement opportunities, Spotify can amplify your brand to your target audience.

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