The Strategy

Despite its global reputation, Curaprox is relatively unknown in Australia, meaning our strategy needed to increase brand awareness as well as sales. Understanding the unique selling points of Curaprox’s products allowed us to identify a specific audience segment that values premium oral care solutions. We conducted extensive research on both potential buyers and influencers to develop a comprehensive marketing funnel.

Given the brand’s low awareness in Australia, our strategy encompassed a mix of push and pull advertising tactics, along with remarketing efforts. The goal was to build brand recognition, educate potential customers about product benefits, and engage users actively seeking quality oral care solutions.

The Results

  • 167%

    Monthly Website Traffic
  • 7%

    Conversion Rate
  • 186%

    Monthly Transactions
  • 195.72%

    Monthly Revenue

Our multifaceted campaign strategy spanned across SEO, Google Search, Shopping, and Display Ads, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing. This integrated approach not only expanded Curaprox’s digital footprint but also substantially boosted their transactions and revenue, marking a successful foray into the Australian market.

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