Over 160K Google Impressions
Over 53K Facebook impressions
195 event responses (for 80 places)
1 sold out event

The client
Established in 1966, Flinders University has been consistently setting benchmarks for others to follow. In the past 50 years their passion for innovative research, high quality teaching and community engagement has helped them create leaders who are empowered to change the world for the better.
As part of their community outreach, Flinders University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences organised ‘Care Hack’, a hackathon event aimed at reimagining aged care in Australia. The two-day event was designed to provide care solutions for a rapidly aging population. Participation was crucial to the success of the event, and this is how Online Path made it possible.

A strategic approach
With the objective of driving maximum registrations to the ‘Care Hack’ event, Online Path strategised a highly targeted Facebook and Google Display ad campaign. Leveraging audience and geo-targeting a campaigns were devised to target a specific audience, with a desire to make a positive impact on aged care in Australia.

Data driven results
Through our expertise in paid online advertising we were able to garner massive support for the event. With combined impressions on Facebook and Google going well beyond 200K, the campaign was very well received. This was evident in the fact that the campaign had to be ended two weeks early, due to the event being sold out.
With an average Cost Per Click (CPC) of $0.47 and $0.74 for Google and Facebook respectively, we were able to generate over 2000 clicks for the ‘Care Hack’ campaign. Having piqued the curiosity of our audience, we then drove them to the registration page for the event and thus increased participation levels beyond expectations.

“Care Hack went off with a bang and was a great success, we are pleased (and relieved!) to announce.”
Flinders University | Michelle Tonkin