The Strategy

Historically, Flinders University’s approach involved bi-annual campaigns focusing on semester intakes. However, when presented data, by Online Path, illuminating the number of search queries students continuously made throughout the year. Flinders made a strategic pivot – adopting an ‘Always On’ campaign model.

This new strategy was designed to maintain a steady digital presence, capturing the attention of potential students at any point in their decision-making journey. We developed a search advertising campaign that dynamically adapted to ongoing student interests and search patterns, ensuring that Flinders University was consistently visible and engaging to its target audience.

The Results

  • 201%

  • 236%

    Conversion Rate
  • 68%

    Search Impression
  • 72%


Our methodical approach and deep understanding of search campaigns and pay-per-click advertising paid off, as evidenced by the remarkable improvements month after month. The ‘Always On’ campaign’s impact was clear, with substantial growth in student engagement and conversions, coupled with a more cost-effective strategy.

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