Slews of websites have now embraced voice search. If you’re thinking about doing the same, it is pertinent to keep in mind that using SEO for content and voice requires different strategies. As a result, you may need expert intervention from a digital marketing agency in Adelaide or any other prominent city to optimise your website for voice searches. This post will look at a few strategies and approaches that these experts may suggest. By going over this list, you’ll have a good handle on what you and your marketing team will be tackling in your discussions.

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Get answers to the 5 Ws

First, if you want to optimise for voice search, you’ll need to provide content that answers the following: who, what, where, when, and why. You’ll want to make sure that information, along with your updated contact details, are available. By providing relevant information you can give prospective customers the information they need, at least enough of it, to get them to your website.

Make sure you’re listed online

If you are a local business, take advantage of Google My Business and local SEO to drive results. Since these strategies drive significant results, companies partner with marketing agencies offering services for local SEO in Australia. If you are planning on doing the same, it is crucial to ensure that you possess expertise in using local SEO and building your Google My Business page. This step is vital because your GMB page supports your voice search optimisation efforts. Your GMB content will likely be one of the pages that will come up during the voice search, so know that you’ve optimised that content for traditional and voice searches. You can optimise the content by updating the information, using long-tail keywords, incorporating proper CTAs, keeping correct contact information, etc.

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Reduce loading times

Slow loading speed is one of the reasons why people leave a page. If you want to prevent prospective customers from going anywhere, you’ll want to increase the page load speed. This step is crucial for rankings and providing a seamless experience to the visitors. As a result, trusted SEO companies in Adelaide supplement these strategies with web design and development efforts. For instance, it could be a case of having too many high-resolution images, videos, or any other element that’s bogging down your pages.

Optimise website for voice search

Use long tail SEO

If you know a little bit about SEO, you might remember how long-tail keywords didn’t fare as well as they should in the past. As mentioned above, they’re a good match for voice searches as these searches tend to use long strings of text. Since smart assistants are designed to provide responses in the form of answers to questions, you can use a strategy to develop content that answers common questions from your customers. Since these questions have an audience, you can also help improve efforts to generate more leads from your local consumer base.

Move on to your page copy

If you want to generate leads through AdWords, it’s not just your keywords and ads that you need to consider. Content on your landing page is also another factor to consider. Your landing page is the first page that users see — the first impression they get of your business. If the copy on that page is poorly written, or irrelevant to the user’s search query, they’ll abandon the page within seconds. This is why you need to ensure you are 1) Driving traffic to the most relevant page on your website (or a dedicated landing page) and 2) your copy is compelling and engaging to make sure they stay around. Give users a reason to browse over your product pages or go over to view your services. And don’t forget to have a strong call to action (CTA) to generate leads.

Make your pages controversial

Another way to get your pages ready for voice search is to create conversational content. Making the SEO content easy to understand and read can help in enhancing its accessibility to a wider audience. Doing this also includes creating content that reflects natural human speech. You can only make this possible by understanding the key pain points and outlining the necessary steps.

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Increase your local content

When you create content for voice searches, don’t forget to generate content that can draw more buying interest from your local customers. You can also focus on local events or news that can help bring more attention to your business.

Ensure mobile optimisation

You need to make sure that the voice assistant can access all the necessary information on your site. That will only be possible, though, if your pages are optimised for mobile devices. If that isn’t the case, the strategies that you have employed may not work. Mobile friendly pages mean that your website is part of the conversation. Hence, it is critical to optimise your website simultaneously, leading these strategies.

Keep working on your SEO

Optimising your pages for voice searches doesn’t mean that you need to stop working on your SEO campaigns, though. They should work together. Integrating voice searches and SEO into your marketing strategy will increase your visibility even more. Better visibility gives you more leads, sales, and conversions. If you’re looking for a way to grow your revenue and bottom line, then don’t solely focus on SEO or voice searches alone. Make sure you run campaigns to maximise SEO and voice search outcomes. That will give you successful long-term results.


These changes may indeed sound like minor alterations, but they all serve a key purpose: to make your site as accessible and intuitive as possible to the latest and greatest technological trend hitting the web, voice search. Even if you are aware of these tactics and have implemented them into your site, continue to monitor and change elements that have negative implications on this mode of website access. It’s simple, really—optimise your website for voice search, and you optimise it for the next generation of internet users.

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