Should Spotify Ads be a part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Like most businesses, I’m sure you want your business to stand out from the rest. And you have probably already tried, or are already using handful of platforms for your advertising. But what if you are looking for new ways to connect with your audience? With more than 381 million users, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming service and one of the latest marketing platforms to gain traction as a marketing strategy for businesses. While ads are only played to users on freemium subscriptions, less than half of Spotify users are subscribed to premium services, leaving over 200 million users and 400 million ears listening to ads – and the number continues to grow. It’s no wonder Spotify advertising is becoming a go-to ad strategy for businesses.
  • Mel Gibbons

    13 December, 2021

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Can brands use Spotify Advertising for Marketing?

Yes. It’s not just artists that can advertise on Spotify. With its large and diverse user base, brands can utilise the platform to reach their audience when other advertising cannot – think driving, exercising, or studying. It is a leading platform for brand engagement, and the smartest brands are already using it to promote themselves.

Here are some of the benefits of Spotify ads for brands:

Increased access to different audiences

It is hard to imagine that your marketing efforts will go in vain with Spotify advertising. With targeting based on users current content consumption, preferred genres, interests and more, advertisers can select define their audience for highly targeted ads that get listened to.

Storytelling Redefined

With audio, display (image) and video ads available, you can personalise your story with Spotify advertising. Harness the power of sight, sound and motion to bring your brands creative to life and capture your audience’s attention.

Growing Streaming Services

The massive growth of the platform as a streaming service has opened up more opportunities for marketers. People are always tuned in, listening to different types of content. Your brand will be among industry leaders who are using this marketing platform.

Why should Spotify Advertising be a part of your Marketing Strategy?

Besides being the top music streaming platform, Spotify had become a platform to launch new music, listen to news, learn, relax and be entertained. It has also become an important part of many brands advertising strategy. If you are wondering why you need Spotify advertising as a part of your marketing strategy, here are some reasons:

You will be a step ahead

Spotify Ad studio was introduced in 2017 and is therefore Spotify advertising is still a relatively new phenomenon. Starting officially in the United States, the platform has gained traction and is available in many countries worldwide, including Australia. While the savviest brands are already advertising on Spotify, it is yet to become saturated, so costs are still low.

Your audience is already waiting

Spotify has seen tremendous growth over the past years, and it is likely to grow even more significantly. This growth means that your audience is already there, waiting for you. Spotify advertising puts you right where your audience is and where they need to see and hear you.

Spotify Audience Listens

Once you know where your audience is, the next step is to engage them. The Spotify audience is more engaged in advertisements than all the other platforms, with average listen rates in excess of 70%. If ads are engaging and well targeted, your audience will continue to listen to your brand promotions between their audio streaming.

Podcast advertising is now easier

Spotify is challenging Apple Podcast in being the leading podcast platform. Spotify has launched Anchor, a pure podcast platform that can support Spotify ads. Podcast advertising is now a lucrative strategy for marketing.

Tools for Spotify Marketing

After identifying marketing campaigns for your advertisements, you need to identify ways to make the campaign a success. There are various tools available that can make the process quick and efficient. You can use audio, display, and podcast ads to reach different audiences.
Spotify Ad studio allows you to create and publish your ads on Spotify advertising. You can get assistance wherever necessary to help you make the best campaign. You can also get ads tailored for your brand’s videos, images, and audio through a PPC agency.

Consider the following types of Ads.

Audio Ads

  • Play in between songs and playlists
  • 5-30 seconds short audios
  • Play at intervals of 20 minutes
  • Listeners cannot skip audios
  • Have images and additional texts
  • Display Ads
  • Appear below the music player
  • Clickable to direct users to the website
  • Available for web-based platforms

What are other Spotify advertising strategies?

Creating a playlist to communicate your brand

Your brand has its personality, voice, means of operation, and way of presentation. Any action you take and anything you communicate is always from your brand’s perspective. Spotify allows you to create playlists that your audience can listen to. You can add songs, your brand images, texts, and links.

Spotify Podcasts

You can engage your audience by creating a podcast for your company. Anchors from Spotify can get your podcasts aired in other streaming platforms as well.

Adapting to new marketing platforms needs brands to be in touch with their audiences and keep them engaged. Spotify is one platform that does both, provided that you understand who your audience is and what they are looking for. Once you have nailed this, you can engage with your audience wherever they are and whatever they are doing.
If Spotify advertising sounds like it could fit in your marketing strategy, contact us and get started today.


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