The Strategy

To meet the objectives of building awareness, driving traffic, and ensuring ticket sales for the Australia Day event, we crafted a comprehensive multi-platform campaign. This strategy encompassed targeted efforts across Search, Display, YouTube, and Social Media channels.

Central to our approach was the use of search keywords to reach individuals looking for Australia Day activities, combined with audience targeting and remarketing strategies to re-engage past website visitors and to capture a new audience inclined to attend the events.

The campaign’s execution was particularly challenging due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, including last-minute headline act confirmations due to border closures and quarantine restrictions. We adapted by having multiple contingency plans, enabling us to roll out the campaign effectively with the information available at each stage.

The Challenge

Our mission was to create a robust multi-platform campaign with the goals to raise public awareness about the Australia Day events, drive traffic to the event booking pages, and ensure a sell-out of the event tickets. This campaign marked a departure from previous ADCSA events, which allowed for last-minute attendance decisions. The transition to a ticketed event introduced new metrics for success, such as ticket sales, adding more accountability for the event’s success. The challenge included identifying and targeting the audience most likely to book and attend the event.

The Results

  • 631%

    Overall Website Traffic
  • 634%

    Organic Search Traffic
  • 589%

    Social Traffic
  • 12.31%

    Click-Through Rate for Search Campaign
  • 91.41%

    Completed Video Watch Rate on YouTube Ads
  • 1

    Sell-Out Australia Day Concert Event

Our strategic, adaptable approach, and targeted digital campaign successfully navigated the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, leading to a highly successful Australia Day event for ADCSA.

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