The Strategy

The campaign was meticulously designed to segment Curaprox’s audience based on past purchase behaviour and engagement levels. This enabled the creation of highly personalised email content that resonated with each segment, offering product recommendations, oral health tips, and exclusive promotions tailored to individual needs and preferences. The focus was on delivering value to the inbox, transforming each email from mere communication to a personal shopping advisor.

  • 11x

  • 53.9%

    Open Rate
  • 16.9%

    Click Rate
This campaign achieved an outstanding open rate, 226% above the industry average, a Click Rate 582% over industry norms and, perhaps the most telling of all metrics, the campaign generated an eleven-fold return on investment, highlighting the effectiveness of targeted, personalised email marketing in driving significant revenue.
This strategic approach not only demonstrates Curaprox’s position as a leader in oral health care but also sets a new benchmark in email marketing, proving the immense potential of personalised communication in engaging customers and driving unparalleled business results.

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