Circuit Auto Storage, a division of a South Australian family-owned multi-business enterprise, offers secure and convenient outdoor and indoor storage for cars, caravans, and boats. Despite having a functional website for several months, the business hadn’t secured any online bookings. Online Path stepped in with the objectives to boost website traffic and generate bookings.

Strategy & Results

Our approach involved crafting a focused Google search and display advertising campaign, aimed at a specific audience to direct them towards Circuit Auto Storage’s website. We set up a Google Ads account with conversion tracking to gather vital data, enhancing the efficacy of future pay-per-click ad campaigns. This was pivotal for achieving desired results and ensuring optimal return on investment. Over six months, we employed a negative farming strategy for precise keyword and match type selection, coupled with split testing of unique ad copies across different ad groups to determine the most effective variants.

The Results

  • 281

  • + 578%

    Click through rate
  • – 61.5

    Decrease in cost-per-acquisition

Utilising the data from the initial month, we refined the ad campaigns, resulting in increased conversions and click-through rates, along with reduced cost-per-acquisition in subsequent months. The six-month campaign culminated in a notable digital footprint expansion, with a substantial uplift in engagement and conversions, all while optimising the advertising spend.

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